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Emails sit in someone's inbox until they're read. If you write really helpful emails, people may refer to them more than once because they're easy to find.

GrooveKart Partners With Printful For POD Business

Printful provides the essentials for every human being on this planet, such as: shirts, shoes, hoodies, shorts, coffee mugs, blankets, and many other things.

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10 Instagram Automation Benefits You Are Missing Out On

For Instagram Automation, this is definitely a new marketing tool but this mechanism has existed since late 2016 and still exists when it comes to Facebook platform

Marketing De Afiliados Para Tiendas GrooveKart

GroveKart decidio desarrollar un nuevo programa de marketing de afiliacion para socios y recientemente lo abrio!

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Affiliate Marketing For GrooveKart Stores

Yes, This means your buyers can promote your products on social media for you

Use Free Lead Magnets To Fish Your Dream Customer

You don’t want everyone to get your free lead magnet, you want the right people to get your free lead magnet because those leads are your future dream customers.

GrooveKart: What Is Print On Demand Business

Print On Demand (POD) is pretty much printing a unique design on a merchandise and selling it to the market, specific submarket to make a profit.

New E-commerce Website Alternative To Shopify

Have you ever sat down at a starbucks coffee shop with a “copywriting” t-shirt design and moments later have someone...

New Blogging Alternative To WordPress

Gorgeous looking weblog does not mean visitors are being converted into leads or buyers.

Which Chatbot Platform Is Better: Chatmatic Vs Manychat

A recent study revealed that 60% of consumers would prefer to be contacted by a company through facebook messnger rather than by phone or email.

GrooveKart Powerful App Integration Included For Free

GrooveKart is a website builder for e-commerce that allows you to add powerful features to your online store and the app integration features usually cost extra to have but not for GrooveKart

7+ Social Media Channels To Generate Organic Traffic

Social Media has become the most popular way for people to get in touch with their friends, family and the rest of the world: making it an extremely important marketing tool.

How To Use NFC For Chatbot Marketing

You can also purchase and print NFC stickers and place them around your business where you think your potential customers may be to take out their phones and tap the sticker to activate the NFC.

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Facebook has been a great marketing platform for small businesses since day one.

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10 Reasons To Use Chatbot Marketing For Your Business

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My Top 5 Lead Generation Tools For Businesses

Lead gen takes place when a company produces and shares content in order to get people to provide their contact information to receive more information about the company.

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Blogging as an affiliate marketer is a method of making money by publishing article posts with affiliate links about a specific subject to provide valuable insights to the blog reader.

Direct Marketing Vs Indirect Marketing: The Difference

Marketing can be all-inclusive with many aspects such as advertising campaigns, public relations efforts, business development activities, designing campaigns for specific target audiences etc.

What Is A Landing Page (Plus 15 Mistakes To Avoid)

Every business needs an online presence (even brick and mortar) to promote their services and brand.

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Marketing and sales have long stood as two distinct disciplines, representing two very different ways to sell. Dip in to find out the differences and how they can help out each other!

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