Which Chatbot Platform Is Better: Chatmatic Vs Manychat

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Ever since the first chatbots were introduced on Facebook Messenger, a whole new can of opportunities opened up for the marketing industry where now any business and entrepreneurs can connect directly with a prospect (vice-versa as well) on their smartphone device.

Facebook Messenger is a chat app that has over 1 billion monthly active users on the platform. It is becoming more popular as a marketing channel because there are many ways to use it to reach potential customers.

A recent study revealed that 60% of consumers would prefer to be contacted by a company through Facebook Messenger rather than by phone or email.

Back in 2016 before Facebook decided to open up their API (Application programming interface), the only ways to contact a prospect or customer was by sending them physical mail, email and making phone calls which most of the time the prospect never answered.

Incredible entrepreneurs like Mikael Yang Mike Yan (Manychat CEO) and Travis Stephenson Scott (Chatmatic CEO) between a few others saw a brand new blue ocean opportunity and created what we know nowadays as messenger marketing or chatbot marketing.

If you ever have interacted with a chatbot from a business specially on Facebook and it looked like the bot was guiding the flow of the conversation by making you click on the options it provided to you, this is exactly what a messenger bot is, chatbot.

As of April 2021, Instagram has opened their API to send out automated messages just like Facebook messenger does now. Here is a blog post on what is and why this is so huge for Instagram DM Automation.

Yes, both Manychat and Chatmatic have access to send out automated messages on Instagram when your visitors or customers trigger the engagement with a post comment or keyword reply like on Instagram stories.

I consider chatbots a powerful easy to use lead generation tool to capture visitors' information to start building an email list full of potential prospects who later down the road may want to purchase the products and services you will be offering them.

Chatbots can also be used to set up appointments with potential leads through Zoom to negotiate deals, qualify prospects, job interview, business pitch idea, testimonials, etc.

Customer live support is the most underutilized function when it comes to conversational marketing with chatbots. It’s crucial to have at least one team member behind the chatbot platform to interact in real time with the prospect or customer to resolve their questions. 

You can then later program the chatbot to answer most FAQ (frequently asked questions) to spend less time on the chatbot platform and more time operating your business like a CEO.

Now being in 2022 the landscape of connecting with not just customers but with family and friends have become more vital than ever. Humans seek a strong personal connection when they are distant even if it’s from the house to the job with their loved ones through technology.

What Is Chatmatic?

Chatmatic is a messenger marketing platform that uses chatbots on Facebook and Instagram to communicate with potential leads. They also allow you to integrate their platform to your favorite website builder so it can greet and help visitors coming into your website or ecommerce store.

Chatmatic includes an accelerator training program to help you become an agency owner to help out online brands, entrepreneurs and small businesses generate more sales as you get paid through the process too.

Inside the program they also have a section that focuses on affiliate marketers to help marketers build chatbots to gain some wins selling other advertisers products through affiliate links.

Chatmatic provides a section on how to get clients and the CEO (Travis) does not hold back on anything and he wants you to really become successful with his chatbot platform. He also has a Facebook group where he shares his insight secrets only to those who subscribe to Chatmatic.

Chatmatic is geared towards people who want to make an impact on businesses who are struggling to stay open in this economy and for people who love to make money using other businesses products.

Another powerful feature is SMS (short messages service). Instead of collecting the email address of the visitor who engages with your chatbot, you can ask for their phone number and send them messages through this method as well.

90% of text messages are read in under 3 min with a very high CTR (click through rate) of about 30%. With the power of sending messages through chatbots with chatmatic and SMS, your chances of converting that visitor or a lead into a buyer, just double.

What Is Manychat?

Manychat is a chatbot application that can be used for marketing purposes. It offers a range of marketing services from messaging campaigns to customer support and everything in between for Facebook, Messenger, and WhatsApp.

It allows brands to create interactive chatbots on Facebook in order to engage in conversations with customers in order to provide them with personalized content in real-time.

Compared to Chatmatic, Manychat has a bigger integration with multiple marketing partners such as GetResponse, Paypal, Mailchimp, Shopify, Google Sheets, Klaviyo among others.

They also have blog posts about different topics such as Instagram, E-commerce, Business Ideas and a few others. This is what makes Manychat stand out vs Chatmatic.

What Is Chatmatic Pricing Plan?

Chatmatic just like Manychat offers a free plan but only for 14 days. I think this is the perfect amount of time to test the water and see if this chatbot platform is right for you.

After 14 days, they will charge you per month, but if you like it, I recommend going with the full year price.

Once you become part of Chatmatic they have a Facebook group where all the Chatmatic members share strategies, information, testimonials, tips and even zoom virtually with one another to help each other build awesome chatbot sequences.

You will also be the first one to receive upcoming updates to the platform, access to promote Chatmatic with a high affiliate commission payout, exclusive deals for chabot sequences, free group training via zoom with the CEO about Facebook messenger and Instagram Automation and more...

What Is Manychat Pricing Plan?

Manychat has a free account with no credit card required which is great to log in and start building chatbot sequences, get familiar with the user interface, learn how to integrate your favorite email marketing platform, etc.

The one that Manychat is recommending is to start out with the PRO plan which is only $15/month. This way you get all it’s unlimited features instead of being limited to the free version as well as having their brand on all your chatbots.

When users engage with your chatbots by using Manychat they automatically become a subscriber to your chatbot list. If you go over a certain amount, you will pay more.., just like any other SAAS.

Features: Similarities And Differences?

When it comes to a battle of features, without a doubt Manychat almost triples Chatmatic features but Chatmatic was purposely built with lesser features to avoid the “shiny object syndrome”. It only has the most necessary features to get the max out of a chatbot platform.

Chatmatic just recently acquired Instagram Automation which pretty much means you can automate your DMs (direct messages in your IG personal inbox). This takes away the hassle of always having to manually respond to a private message when users want information from you.

On the other hand Manychat was one of the 1st beta testers to get their hands on Instagram Automation through Facebook. When it comes to data, analytics and insights they surpass Chatmatic and they continue to lead against other third party chatbots platforms.

Chatmatic has a very cool feature called “genius hashtag”. What this feature allows users to do is tag any or upcoming post with a favorite hashtag and anyone who comments on that post, the chatflow will automatically trigger on the follower or visitors DM (direct messages, inbox) to engage conversations.

When it comes to similarities on Facebook Messenger they both have similar features such as: dotme links, message broadcast, SMS integration, chatbot templates, custom fields, live chat, follow up, etc.

The building of chatbot sequences are very similar as well, linking conversations like a normal human dialogue between two people with the open option to the user to keep engaging in a conversation with a button, to measure the engagement and interest on the prospect.

Conclusion: Why Your Business Needs A Chatbot Now

In a world where people are constantly on their phones, it is no surprise that messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, Instagram Automation and Whatsapp have become the fastest growing apps in the world.

Chatbots are driving the growth of messenger marketing because they provide a very personal approach to engagement with consumers. Easy to acquire the users information within an average of 3 clicks.

Unlike landing pages where you have to set up the layout, add pretty colors and astonishing graphic design, chatbots go straight to the point and have a higher engagement rate and higher conversion rate to once again, collect the users personal contact information with their consent.

Overall, both chatbot platforms are amazing but if you like to learn directly from the owner of Chatmatic and his knowledge go here and open with messenger. Now if you like to learn about Manychat through awesome certified partners, go here.