The Best Website Builder For Ecommerce Has Finally Arrived!

With the rise of e-commerce, there is a lot of opportunity for entrepreneurs, marketers and even local businesses to start their own online store. In order to succeed, it is important that you have knowledge on what products are trending and how to optimize your website for conversions.

One of my favorite tools to use is Google Trends. Type in the name of a product and it will provide you the results on how hot that product is in the market you are going after.

Whether you already have an online store or not, there are many resources available on how to get started.

Starting an online store can be one of the most rewarding and insanely profitable things you can do. It is not easy though and takes a lot of hard work but the benefits are worth it.

What’s A Website Builder?

A website builder is an amazing tool that will allow you to create your own professional-looking website in the matter of minutes. All of the tools and features are easy to use and will help you put together a site without spending hundreds of dollars on web design.

These builders offer templates and drag-and-drop features which make it easy for someone who doesn't know how to code to build their own site. Websites can be costly, so builders make it more affordable by providing affordable packages with no monthly fees or contracts.

A website builder usually lets you choose from templates, upload content, and customize your site to your liking.

Many of these builders also allow you to integrate your social media accounts or other third-party services. This can make it easier to share content with friends and followers on social media.

The website builder is an excellent option for entrepreneurs and small businesses who want an online presence for themselves without the hassle of using complicated coding languages like HTML and CSS. They are also perfect for those who cannot afford it.

What's Ecommerce?

“E-commerce (electronic commerce) is the activity of electronically buying or selling of products on online services or over the Internet" by Wikipedia.

It is a form of commerce that’s been on the rise in recent years and it seems like it will not be stopping soon. Big companies such as Amazon, eBay, and Etsy are part of this trend as well.

With people preferring to buy things through their device screens rather than through a store. The main advantage for shopping online is convenience.

You can do it from anywhere at any time without having to drive to the shopping centers. A print on demand business is perfect for this solution!

Online shops give us access to more products than we would ever see in a physical store, which allow us to find exactly what we want rather than just what’s available locally.

The best website builder for e-commerce is GrooveKart!

Here is 6 reasons why GrooveKart is the best website builder for e-commerce

1.- Drag And Drop Website Builder

“eCommerce has two faces. When you are selling a lot of items with different categories, sizes, and colors, you want to use GrooveKart's regular eCommerce Store but when you are selling items that need more direct marketing copy like a Drone or a weight-loss supplement, you want to use a Storeless-Page” by GrooveKart

The best part is that you don’t need to hire expensive web designers to make your store “pop-out” to generate sales. You can customize your ecommerce store with just a few clicks here and there to make it look very awesome and attractive or use some of the pre-made templates to set one up fast.

2.- Payment Gateway Multiple Choice Option

This is the holy-grail when it comes to payment acceptance.

This is where you collect the cash when a customer pays you for a product or service your ecommerce shop sold to them without you being physically there, is like having a salesman working for you 24/7 for free and you get all the profit!

The 3 accepted payments are: Paypal, Stripe & GroovePay (they will be adding a few more soon) GrooveKart will never charge you an extra fee. Don’t believe me, this info is on their website, click here to take you there.

3.- Product Design Tool

Customize your design super easy and fast for your store and/or even let your customers do it for themselves (this feature is coming super soon)!

Yes, GrooveKart will soon have the option to let your customer design whatever they want through your website so they can make the purchase on your site, so you can get the sale. Nothing unlike their competition.

4.- Print On Demand

The options are beyond infinity. Here are some stuff you can print on demand: Mens, women and kids sneakers, high tops. Bowling shoes, socks, tote bags, pillows, flip flops, backpacks, etc…

As mentioned in bulletin number three, feel free to let your customers customize their own design and you will still get the sale, win win for everyone (feature coming super soon)!

Almost forgot to mention, GrooveKart has the best professional printing and fulfillment because they partner with the best of the best like Printful, Printify, Teescape and with other amazing partners.

5.- Custom Domains

This shouldn’t be a surprise. Just like other platforms GrooveKart allows you to install your own custom domain. Of course, you can use GrooveKart as your subdomain if you’d like but I recommend getting your own domain through Namecheap.

Having a custom domain name adds credibility to your brand, it establish your business between other ecommerce sites, increases your search ranking on search engines like google, bing, yahoo, etc.

Find a domain name your customers will remember your website by, do keyword research, make sure that what you want to sell goes with your branding, get a domain vs a, between others.

6.- Ultimate Quick List Features

There are so many features inside of GrooveKart to go over them one by one but again, let me just drop you a very quick list of some awesome stuff they have within the system, but click here to see more in-detail features:

Order bumps

Pre-transaction upsells

Fast loading pages

Same page check out

Scarcity and urgency

Related items at pre and post checkout

Social proof

Reviews under your control

Design for mobile and desktop

No code needed

Make more sales

Google cloud platform

1-click upsell


Pre-made blocks


GrooveKart is the way to go when it comes to owning your own website builder for ecommerce online store, alternative to shopify.

They love to rival their competitors because not only they do they charge tons of hidden fees but you have to hire a website coder to build a fancy looking website when GrooveKart can do all the "heavy lifting" for you,

so you can just relax and kick back as you hear the "cha-ching" notification sound on your iPhone or Samsung.

Not to mention but GrooveKart competitors make their own checkout process twice as long loosing on tons of sales...YIKES!!! 

Also, one thing I didn’t reveal was that it has the ability to connect with Aliexpress so you can have a huge list of items to sell at the price you want to sell the merchandise for.

Just click and drag it to your store and If you find something that costs $5, you can price it as $30 to make $25 in your pockets.