Chatmatic: Free Affiliate Marketing Course To Get Sales

Chatmatic is one of my most best kept marketing secret tools ever!

When I found out about these amazing automated human conversations that happen inside of Facebook Messenger & on Instagram DMs too, it's been almost mind-blowing on how quick one can get leads within a few days!

The reason I called them “Automated Human Conversations”, is because I like to add personality to my little friends (chatbots) and I discovered that by doing this, people love staying engaged all the way with my chatbot meaning

… they are highly likely to not just follow me on social media but to opt-in for it (in this case, the affiliate product) or even better, buy the thing we are offering them!

Imagine the power of this when you create an offer about literally anything you want to promote ORGANICALLY and start generating sales and not just that, but also building your email list!

You can also place an ad budget behind your chatbots as well, to reach even a higher audience that are not currently following you. I recommend starting small to see if the chatbot is converting and if it does, scale up little by little with Facebook ads.

These chatbot sequences are so much fun to make, setting up one of these little guys to engage in conversation with your leads only takes like less than 60 minutes to build (my very first one took about 90min). 

Definitely, start with simple ones first like creating a 2 step sequence and test it out on Facebook Messenger or on Instagram to see how people engage with your automated human conversation (chatbot).

Now maybe after reading all this, it may sound a bit overwhelming but if your gut is telling you “This sounds like something we must at least give it a try” the best part is

…the training is completely free so you can learn Affiliate Marketing with chatbots! Yes, you do not have to get the Chatmatic if you don’t want to! Take a peek at this video training where the CEO (Travis) breaks down how he turned $551 into $2300 in 2 weeks!

Overall, I’ll go ahead a place a few links throughout this blog to redirect you to the page to sign up to join the masterclass to get access to the FREE Affiliate Marketing Course so you can learn how to go from $0 to $1k (or even more) in your next 30 days online.

Is Chatmatic Affiliate Marketing Course For Beginners?

Indeed, this program is focused for beginners who are learning the basics of affiliate marketing using chatbots at a comprehensive level. Through this affiliate marketing course the CEO (Travis) will be kicking it up a notch throughout each module.

The reason he is kicking it up a notch is because of proximity. He wants to “reel in” your dream customer as close as he possibly can so when you build a chabot sequence and launch it to the dream customer you have in mind (or to the world), you have a higher chance of converting the potential prospect into a sale!

Yet, most entrepreneurs and even marketers are making millions of dollars charging for affiliate marketing courses like this one but Travis is a completely different type of breed. He wants you to start making not just one but many sales before you get his product, if you want to get Chatmatic!

He has a group where he teaches new things he learns along the way and the group is completely free, just hit “Join The Masterclass” and on his first paragraph of the page, there will be a link for you to be part of this group. Make sure to say hello to me!

He is not the only one sharing information but we as users are also sharing our wins through the journey, how to set up an opt-in sequence, providing feedback to our messenger strategy, what are the “donts” when it comes to creating a chatbot and so much more useful information!

I may have deviated a little bit about the sub-headline but as you can see, I’m a big fan of Chatmatic and if you join and see the group, we are all hyped up about creating “Automated Human Conversations” turning potential prospects into leads and into buyers as well!

If you have never made any money online and want to start doing it or perhaps, you are making money online but you are not seeing many wins, I believe there is no other better way then to learn how to start reeling in commission payouts by using the power of Chatmatic.

Why Is Chatmatic Offering A Free Affiliate Marketing Course?

The reason Travis made a FREE Affiliate Marketing Course with 7 video modules is to show you without any compromise how to start getting real customers (real humans behind the screen) to connect with, to make a sale at the moment of conversation or later down the road!

He wants you to do this, to take MASSIVE ACTION on his teaching because, what is the point of just learning cool marketing things if you are never going to implement them? That’s equivalent to going to school to learn about car mechanics but you never fix your own car! Does it even make sense?

Travis 7 video modules are fire because outside of talking about the basics of marketing (fundamental principle), he starts going in a bit deeper so you can see the potential of creating chatbots inside of Facebook Messenger and Instagram as well, Instagram Automation.

I use both functions but as of lately, I’ve been creating many fun Automated DM sequences to increase my Instagram followers as well as converting my IG followers into dollars! I recommend following entrepreneurs and marketers in this space to see how they are using IG automation!

Out of all the FREE 7 video modules, I must say my favorite one is “Creating & Building A Lead Magnet Idea To Get Leads”. Yet, like I mentioned before… Go through them in order and learn the fundamentals before arriving to video module #4. 

Once you see the video, you will see the pieces of the puzzle “connect together” instead of guessing which piece goes where, where should I start, how do I create a lead magnet, how do I plug it in the chatbot sequence, etc…

Once you go through all his 7 video modules and if you are up for the challenge, get Chatmatic for FREE for your first 14 days and take all your knowledge and notes you took and plug in the frameworks to the chatbot and start making some noise on Facebook & Instagram to get leads & sales too.

Does It Require Any Technical Knowledge Before Taking The Affiliate Marketing Course?

No technical knowledge is required for you to access the FREE affiliate marketing course. The further down you start learning from the course, you should be able to understand the basic “techno-babble” terms we use when it comes to messenger marketing.

Same goes with creating chatbots, Travis will show you from scratch the basics of how to connect the sequences together that acts like a human having a conversation with your leads on facebook and instagram but is actually a chatbot, automated human interaction!

The only thing I am requiring from you is to put aside your fears and your doubts and BELIEVE IN TRAVIS WORDS to help you get out of the “Bottomless Broke Affiliate Marketer-Hole” and let him guide you through the process. All we ask is that you take initiative and start executing his teaching methods!

Once you have gone through the FREE affiliate marketing course, I highly recommend you to read this following blog article I’ve created JUST FOR YOU to not make these same mistakes I see tons of other IG automation users doing everyday! Take advantage of these 10 IG benefits!

What Are The Benefits Of Affiliate Marketing Using Chatmatic?

The benefits of Chatmatic combined with the benefits of affiliate marketing is like: merging a wonderful family and a great job together, the best of both worlds!

One of the huge benefits that Chatmatic offers if you decide to start promoting the software, the commission payout is 40% for every referral you make and that converts into a Chatmatic user.

This means if your referral gets the full year to use Chatmatic, you make $400 from that one sale. Now, let’s say your referral can’t afford to get the full year but want to get the monthly subscription

…you’ll be making roughly about $60 every month as long as your referral is paying the monthly membership fee to use Chatmatic. If you can get at least 10 referrals every year, you are pretty much using Chatmatic for free with all the features and benefits included! That’s bananas!

If you like the software but you don’t wish to promote it. It is OK! You can promote other affiliate programs you believe in using Chatmatic to impact your customers daily lives in a positive way! Like promoting “pre-workout shakes” to bring the best of one, to go hard at the gym without feeling like crap.

This next benefit goes outside the spectrum of being an affiliate marketer, but you can reach out to local businesses and if you feel like you may know their market

…offer to help them generate more “foot-traffic” by using the power of their current Facebook & Instagram too (don’t say chatmatic or chatbots, they don’t care about marketing software tools). Here is where you take Travis frameworks

 …you learned (or will be learning) and you’ll be plugging them into a chatbot to start helping the local business bring in more customers to their store. Remember, the end goal for a business owner is to make money, having the customer purchase their meals, products or services, never the software!

As for myself, I am helping out at a Mexican restaurant. I just had to learn what sales the most in the restaurant, what questions they ask before ordering in store and over the phone, and a few other questions and “BANG”! I started creating my chatbot from this starting point!

Yes, Travis has a course on how to start your own agency with chatbots… but let’s not get too carried away by learning and digesting everything at once. That’s not good for anyone!

Let’s first kill it in the affiliate marketing world! Have a goal like making at least 10k every month before you pull the trigger to start helping out brick and mortar businesses at every street turn you make in your lambo!

How Fast Can I Start Seeing Wins and Sales With Chatmatic?

This is a valid question everyone should be asking when it comes to Chatmatic! My honest answer would be under 30 days if you follow Travis Stephenson blueprint inside his FREE Affiliate Marketing Course.

There have been Chatmaic members that have seen results after 30 days but the thing about them is, they decided to not let their fears and doubts get in the way and they kept grabbing hard to their dream and desires to get out of “being broke” to start living their life the way they want to!

Let me ask you the same question! Are you going to let your fears and doubts consume you along the way if you don’t see a win within 30 days? What if in the next fifth or seventh day you just don’t get one sale but 3 sales by promoting Chatmatic! 

This means if your 3 referrals got the full year, your payout would be $1200. Scratch that, let’s say they all went with a monthly subscription, your payout would be $180/monthly. Who wouldn’t mind an extra $180 a month! If you do the same work you did the past 30 days

… Your $180 will double, making it $360 every month. Now we are talking! Also, I’m pretty sure 1 out of every 10 people who get Chatmatic will jump to get the full year for a lesser price. That equals to almost $1k for all your 10 referrals, but every month after that your payout will be $540!

My mindset has shifted from “giving up quickly because of self-doubt” into “yes, it may take some time, but once you arrive there… You’ll be rewarded for all your hard work and more”. This is the mindset I also want you to have so DO NOT QUIT ON ME!

Who exactly is Travis Stephenson?

Travis Stephenson (CEO of Chatmatic) has been inside the digital marketing world for the past 10 years, before Clickfunnels, Shopify, Rytr, Kartra, GrooveKart, Tiktok, VidIQ, ConvertKit, GrooveCm, Zoom and a few others I may have forgot to mention.

He actually started working with a company he first thought was inside the “adult industry” and you can imagine him freaking out but throughout the interview process he was glad his prediction was completely wrong and turned out to be a position for an “Affiliate Manager” job.

He was (and still is) a hard worker and after working there for almost two years, he learned the process of how to partner up with advertising companies to offer their products and services to a specific audience to “make it rain” and it was at this moment when the light bulb sparked like the daylight in his head!

He was eager to take this new skill he had learned and start implementing it on his own.

If I remember correctly, the business shut down because the owners shifted their focus and Travis decided to create his own path of life and follow his intuition and that is how he started his entrepreneurial journey.

He has received 4 “Two Comma Clubs” through Clickfunnels meaning, he was able to generate $1Million dollars using only one funnel and he has done this multiple times! 

Don’t believe me, just go to his youtube channel and press play on one of his videos and you will most likely see them on his walls while he is explaining and showing us how to make money using Chatmatic.

When Facebook opened up their API so developers can create their own programs to connect with the platform, Travis saw this massive opportunity to connect even further down the line with potential prospects and buyers by using the power of Facebook Messenger.

He took the biggest gamble of his life and went all in! Thanks to this opportunity he created, he is able to share his platform and knowledge to those who are also seeking a way to make money online as an affiliate marketer!

He resonates with this part of his life so much, he created a FREE Affiliate Marketing Course so we don’t have to waste two years of our life trying to guesshow to make it work”. Following proven frameworks in my opinion is the best way to arrive at success faster!

Travis Scott Stephenson has a deeper story but I just gave you the overall view of the last ten years in the marketing world under 400 words…ha!

Conclusion:The FREE Chatmatic Affiliate Marketing Course May Not Last Forever, Which Means You Can Learn All These Marketing Strategies To Make Sales At No Cost

Sometimes in life, you have to take charge of your own destiny and give things a try!

The best part about this opportunity is that you don’t have to spend a dime to JOIN THE FREE MASTERCLASS. If you don’t feel invested after watching at least 3 of the 7 videos, don’t take it!

Don’t take the opportunity available to others marketers if you think this is not for you.

If you feel this way, I hope you can help me by sharing this blog to people you may think that could benefit from this FREE Affiliate Marketing Course to get started: making money online! Those who take this challenge and succeed will be grateful to you!

Yet, I hope you take advantage of this chance to destroy all your self-doubt and fears to turn them into your main source of income and help others along the way, just as Travis is doing with us!

Overall, now you know that Chatmatic Affiliate Marketing Course is completely FREE and through watching the videos you feel like you can do it, follow your instinct because Travis, the Chatmatic Facebook group and I will help you along the way!