Display Animated Banner Ads To Win Leads And Sales

When it comes to marketing strategies, entrepreneurs and marketers are always looking for the latest and greatest technology, such as animated banner ads. As long as it has a very cool design, visitors will be lured to click on it because of their curiosity to know what it is.

Before I go any further, what exactly is a banner ad? For starters, the word “ad” stands for advertisement. Therefore, you are promoting a sale or an offer on a banner or online banner.

When you click on it, it will take the visitor to the destination you set the banner to. Now, an animated banner ad has movements to capture the visitor’s attention and increase the chances of the visitor clicking on the banner ad.

If you’ve been on the internet since the turn of the century, I’m pretty sure you’ve seen some of them online. As a matter of fact, if you click on my graphic design on the top or bottom of this blog, this is what is known as an animated banner ad. Click it to try it out!

These are very easy and simple to create because most software platforms such as BannerBoo have tons of templates in different sizes and for different industries like: cosmetics, finance, jewelry, restaurants, Black Friday and a whole lot more. Take a peek at their website!

Most banner ad software lets you customize your ad from scratch to design the banner according to your vision. I’ve done this. It takes a little bit more time to create and make, but is worth it if you don’t want to use the easy templates the platform provides.

Not to mention, it is easy to plug in your favorite URL to redirect the visitor who clicks on your banner ad to your website, affiliate offer, ecommerce store, funnel, blogsite, email list, Spotify, Facebook group, etc.., to turn visitors into leads or sales or both!

Some banner ad platforms allow you to see their growth. This hyperlink button is usually found on the bottom of their website and they usually call it “Roadmaps”, so you can see what features are coming up soon, what bugs they have fixed already, what's in progress, etc.

Most provide educational training so you can learn how to use the service so you can squeeze out the maximum amount out of the marketing tool to generate you the most leads and sales as well. They are usually found on their YouTube channel for visual context.

I do want to state that in this blog post I’m mostly going to be talking about BannerBoo because they are the marketing platform I use to create my animated banner ads (cat’s out of the hat... lol...) for my websites and blogs, as you can tell by now.

With that being said, let’s jump right into the blog post to provide you with even more insightful information on how to best use these animated banner ads.

What Makes a Good Display Animated Banner Ad?

Displaying animated banner ads is super crucial to your bottom line: leads, sales, monthly revenue, and profits. I personally feel like the purpose of an animated banner ad is to attract the visitor’s eyeballs to our really cool design.

... and add some type of curiosity to the banner ad by saying something similar to “Click here to find out your Disney character” or “Coupon Code Ends Today, Click Here To Get It Now” or “Click Here To See Our Anime Collection Today.” You get the point.

Why is curiosity important in a banner ad? This is because, psychologically, humans are wired to want to know the answer to everything in this life. I may sound like I am exaggerating, but this is true. Don’t you want to know why animated banner ads are more effective than Facebook ads?

If you said yes to my last question, you just proved my point! If you did not, then why are you here? In fact, click here to show you my “9 explosive Facebook marketing tips” to take your business to the next level since you believe that animated banner ads can’t do it!

When it comes to incorporating images with your “curiosity” text lines, you have to make it stand out by using contrast colors against your website. My banner has strong dark colors compared to this blog site, which has light colors. This is how my animated banner ad stands out.

By standing out, it also plays a second psychological trigger on the reader's mind by making them look more than twice at the animated banner. Their subconscious is pretty much saying, “Look at that, it stands out from the rest of the website."

This can also be applied in real life. On a white sheet of paper, place a black dot with a 2 inch radius on it. Place it next to your bed, and the next morning, when you look at it, your eyeballs will be drawn to the black dot. Don’t believe me yet? Let’s take this psychological example up a notch!

When you are at the grocery store buying food supplies in between the aisles, your mind will be focusing on what else on this list you must grab and place in the cart as soon as something out of the ordinary catches your eyes. Think about why this happens.

Was it out of curiosity because something looked different? Was it the shape, color, pattern, or did it move or was it not moving because everything else around it was moving? When it happens next time you are at the store, you’ll be amazed!

Overall, the best way to make a good animated banner ad is to create the exact opposite of the website’s colors, fonts, patterns, and anything in between with a few words that grab the attention of the visitor to spark curiosity, so they subconsciously click on your banner ad to find out more about it.

How Do You Generate Leads With Banner Ads?

If you read the subtitle above about the little rant I went on about “human psychology triggers", then this section about generating leads will make it much easier for me to explain to you. I love generating leads!

What’s lead generation, first of all? Lead generation is the act of acquiring the visitor's information with their consent to follow up with them through email marketing. The main goal of lead generation is to convert leads into buyers.

Let’s say your industry is “beauty salon for pets”. Yes, you are in luck because BannerBoo does provide templates for “pets” and we can tailor that template to make it look like a very catchy banner design ad.

The first thing I’ll do is go to Google Images and type in the word “beauty salon” to see what catches my attention among all the other images on the page. Do this process for the next 10 pages and save the images. Then look at your 10 images and select the two that capture your attention.

When you're inside of BannerBoo visual elements settings, do your best to combine these elements together from these two images and place a happy, smiling dog with a hair blower, brushes, shampoo, bathtub, etc., so people know what the banner ad is about.

Then when it comes to adding your curious text lines, say something in between the lines of “We avoid these 5 mistakes other beauty pet salons don’t make." This headline plus your image will naturally make people who own a dog click so the website visitor can “scratch their itch”.

The way I have set up my banner ads to generate leads personally is by adding a conversational messenger bot that asks the website visitor to provide their contact information, but if they wish not to, as a good marketer, I still deliver the information they ask for!

You can also direct the website visitor to a landing page that has an email opt-in form to acquire their first name, last name, email address, and phone number so you can later on follow up with them to nurture them with more valuable information about what they opted in for.

How To Generate Sales With An Animated Banner?

If you read the first paragraph of the second subheading, you’ve made my job much easier to teach you the secrets of how to generate sales with animated banner ads. You’ll also understand this way much faster because you’ve been reading this blog article. Good job!

At this stage, you’ll not want to generate leads but go directly to the sale. This means your banner ad will either redirect to one of these two places: the order sales page or the product page. The reason is that you want to make a sale.

If you follow good marketing principles, at this point you should nurture your potential customers by explaining the benefits of the product or service, educating them on how this “solution” can impact their lives in a positive way and what the downsides are if they choose not to get it.

There are many books on good ethical marketing principles to turn a potential prospect into a buyer. One of my favorites is “Expert Secrets”. Russell Brunson will teach you frameworks and blueprints on how to make customers want to throw money at your feet for your products.

Another tactic to win a sale with animated banner ads is to automatically place a discount code on your order page or product page for those who only click on your banner ad so they can take advantage of the deal. It's not my favorite method because I hate losing profit, but it works. Ha!

Overall, I believe a winning animated ad banner is the one that speaks internally to the customer to solve their problem with your unique solution or/and offer. The more you know your “dream customer” (target audience), the easier it is to create a winning animated ad.

What are the Advantages of Using Animated Banner Ads?

One of the many advantages you have by using animated banner ads is that you don’t have to spend a heavy budget on Facebook ads (like the joke I made earlier), influencer marketing on Instagram or Tiktok ads to convert a cold audience or warm audience into buying customers.

Banner ads are much cheaper than most advertising platforms. BannerBoo offers a free plan subscription when you get started, and when you get good at creating banners and adding them to your websites (which is super easy to do), go with the next tier plan for a year.

You may think that paying $120 a year sounds expensive to have BannerBoo, but let’s go back to my analogy of using Facebook ads for your marketing.

The average Facebook ad cost is about $800/monthly. It’s either a hit or miss because you have to know your “ideal customer”, come up with good copy, and find creative ways to make people click on the ad and compete with others similar to you in the market, etc.

On the other hand, the advantage you have by using animated banner ads is that even though it may be a slow conversion, it's almost a guaranteed win at a very slow pace. Of course, it depends on how many website visitors go to your website each day, week, or month.

The more traffic you drive to your website or landing pages, the higher the chances you have to convert potential visitors into leads or, even better yet, into high-yield buyers!

You can also place banner ads on other people’s websites with their permission to generate sales or leads from their websites. This is one of my secret hacks that I love doing in my industry to drive more traffic to my web pages of my ecommerce store.

Another advantage is paying a monthly fee to a website that is generating tons of traffic to place one of your banner ads on the side of a selected page. You can also create different banner sizes, which I completely forgot to mention earlier in this blog post.

Let’s say you decide to go with this method. The advantage with BannerBoo is that their banner ads are responsive even on other websites outside of yours. This is because they use an html code to make the banner ad responsive to upload and recognize when a website visitor clicks on it.

My best result is to place the ad on the side of the website with simple animations and not make it complex. Simplicity is your best friend for everything. As long as it's a beautiful banner using our human psychology triggers and installs a quick “action button," you are golden!

Overall, the advantages of doing YouTube ads or SnapChat ads is that you pay a very small budget out of your pocket to keep your banner ads active, and like I mentioned before, if you have tons of traffic going to banner ad websites... It pretty much pays itself and makes you “greens” in the process!

Conclusion: Make More Money By Using Animated Banner Ads.

Static banner ads, animated banner ads, and even gif banner ads will all make a return on investment (ROI), but it is a secret within the wealth industry that many of the entrepreneurs or marketers will reveal to the world.

This is because, naturally, everyone hates competition, and all “we” want to do is acquire a bigger slice of the “cake”. I do it because I want you to be successful, and I highly doubt that you and I will be competing for the same market and same customer (at least I hope so... Ha)!

Overall, creating marketing strategies with banner ads can be fun when you have the right framework integrated with your advertising campaign to generate more leads and sales.