How To Use Chatbots For Marketing To Boost Your Business

Strategies For Business Owners

A chatbot is an artificial intelligence application that assists users in communication and collaboration, customer service.., Like Facebook messenger bot!


The chatbot technology has been used successfully in the business world as a separate channel of communication, allowing businesses to engage with their customers and generate a positive feedback loop. 


Small businesses can use chatbots to improve user experience and deliver a better customer journey experience, as well as to automate routine tasks or handle problems.


Currently, chatbots are being used to engage users through social media channels to help businesses boost their revenue by effectively qualifying leads in a easy way


Let's not forget that it can also increase brand awareness to compete against rival competitors inside the same industry.


This blog post will discuss the ways in which businesses can use chatbots for marketing purposes.

[[[ When I talk about chatbots, I often get the question "which chatbot platform is better". I created a blog answering this specific question right here ]]]

What Are The Benefits Of Chatbot Marketing For Facebook?

One of the main advantages of chatbot marketing is that it doesn't interrupt the customer experience inside their favorite social media platform.

A good chatbot marketing campaign will be personalized to the customer preferences and interests (personal touch). This, in turn, will increase their online engagement in the best way possible.

Chatbots can also be used for customer service as they can provide accurate responses to customer queries (set of questions) faster than a human would be able to.

This way, they are able to complete multiple tasks at once without sacrificing on quality or accuracy.

Is The Use Of Chatbots The Future Of Marketing For Small Businesses?

Chatbots are often used as a customer service channel for small businesses. 

They can answer basic questions about the business: relevant information, new products, process orders, important things and provide information without human intervention.

Chatbots have been proven to offer greater returns on investment than traditional marketing techniques. They can provide personalized communication with customers which may be more effective than other tried-and-true methods of digital engagement.

Small business owners should use chatbots as a customer service representative and use it as a marketing tool for building relationships with customers.

Can I Use Chatbots For Lead Generation?

Yes, in my personal opinion.., Any chatbot platform for your online store, Facebook page, landing page, blog posts and even ecommerce stores are meant for new potential customers.

Through lead generation we are able to acquire contact information such as: first name, last name, email address, phone number, location, time zone, etc.

A few chatbots can send text messages to potential leads and on their phone number to give them that extra push to convert the potential customers into a buyer or one can simply give the customer a call, human interaction over phone calls.

We want to turn cold prospects and warm them up little by little till they become hot buyers through conversational marketing by using lead generation.

What Computer Program, Chatbot Builder Program Should I Get?

There are many chatbot platforms nowadays and most of them are easy to use. Here are a couple:

1.- ManyChat

“Automate two-way, interactive conversations in Facebook Messenger, SMS, and Instagram to grow your business”

2.- Chatfuel

“Automate marketing, lead gen, support, and more with a bot. Build yours in an afternoon with our drag-and-drop builder, trusted by the world's largest brands.”

3.- Chatmatic

Generate more sales, increase profitability, build a better customer relationship, and NOT have to continually invest more time into these areas?”

4.- MobileMoney

“Reach more customers in Instagram, SMS, web chat & Facebook Messenger with chatbot marketing, customer support and automation tools for digital agencies, direct-to-consumer businesses, and creators”

What Are The Worst Chatbot Marketing Strategies To Avoid?

We should not be focusing on conversation logs, cute pictures to impress our visitors or blasting them with millions of emojis. We should instead focus on the business objectives and creating winning content through the chatbots.

A lot of people have been building chatbots for marketing purposes (which is completely fine), but they end up being more of a nuisance to customers rather than providing any value.

These bots often fail because they don't know when to stop talking and customers are annoyed that they can't get help from the customer support team.

Chatbots are a great way to reach your audience and avoid interrupting them with advertising. The following are the top chatbot marketing strategies to avoid:

1) Pushing Advertisements - Some chatbot marketers try to push advertisements on their users, which can make them feel harassed and annoyed.

2) Being Too Pushy - Chatbot marketers should be patient and wait until the user is actively looking for a solution.

3) Promoting Products that Aren't Relevant - Chatbots should promote relevant products instead of ones that are just being pushed in the market.


Chatbots are an effective method to sell the right product, give quick answers to repetitive questions, help out qualified leads to acquire a new purchase and for multiple aspects when it comes to digital marketing.

Many marketers, entrepreneurs and small business owners underestimate the power of chatbots and how it can bring them more customers through social media marketing.

This is where You and I have an unfair advantage over the competition to acquire a new customer base through Facebook chatbots, personalized the experience with messenger chatbots, build new relationships with customers and get the sale.