9 Explosive Facebook Marketing Tips For Beginners

This is hot like Facebook new group insights!

There are literally thousands of Facebook marketing tutorials online. Some are good, some are bad, most are mediocre.

However, the one big problem is that most of them are usually aimed at people who have already become Facebook marketers. 

In this post, we are going to show you step-by-step how to use Facebook marketing to beginners so they can start acquiring small wins right after they have read the post.

What is Facebook Marketing?

Facebook marketing is the intent of promoting products and services to acquire a sale. It is simply another distribution social media platform for marketers to place their products in front of their ideal customers since Facebook has about 1.2 billion active users.

Usually the more a customer sees the same product, the more familiar they get with it and after a few more tries they essentially want to know more about it and before they even know it they purchase the item.

Here are my 9 explosive facebook marketing tips for beginners

1.- Update Your Profile Cover Photo

As you know, first impressions matter the most when you meet someone for the first time:

If you introduce yourself as being in the state of tiredness, lazy or even looking messy and the person won’t care much about you but instead if you give a firm handshake while making eye contact with a smile, sharing mutual interest or even providing valuable information in a conversation, they are more likely to want to know more about you.

The first thing your visitors see is your cover photo. Make sure to go to canva and make an intriguing looking one to capture people's eyes and can tell right off the back what you do and how you're interested in helping other people out.

As of me writing this, take a look at my profile cover photo.., It looks nice and it sparks curiosity. Now, because I have a call to action button people usually click on it and they can read what I posted about the cover with a link if they like to click on it.

2.- CTA (Call To Action)

A call to action is often used when you want your visitor or buyer to take action now.

Like if you want someone to download a cool mp3 song from your website. My method would be going into Canva making a very cool image with arrows pointing at a text saying “Download my mp3 song now”.

This is one tactic on how to approach a CTA. 

Here is a small list of how to use CTAs in different ways:

  • Buy Now
  • Download Now
  • Register Now
  • Order Now
  • Sign up Now
  • Join Now
  • Learn More
  • See More
  • Find Out More

Play around with the CTAs above and always customize it to what you are giving

Away like: “Buy my mp3 now “, “Order my mp3 now” or “Find out more about

Me now”

3.- Use The Power of Chatbots On Your Facebook

Chatbots are the new way to communicate with your customer. They are the perfect tool for Facebook marketing. They allow you to build an instant relationship with your customers and provide them with an extremely personal experience.

A chatbot can be used to answer questions, provide information about products, guide customers through the purchase process and even help you generate leads.

The chatbot is a good way of getting a message across in an interesting and enjoyable way that will not get boring after a few messages. 

Find Groups inside your niche market and answer questions.

Most of us are familiar with this awesome feature Facebook has allowed us to share similar interests with other people, called “Facebook groups”. Go on the search bar and search for a niche market you believe the customer you want to help will be in.

For instance, I see marketers reaching out to local businesses. Let’s say a pizza owner wants more to find another alternative to spending lots of money on TV and on radio. Someone like myself can jump into that conversation and ask if they ever thought about list building to acquire customers' information.

The conversation would flow naturally and if they are asking for more, I can either drive them to my services or let them know about this amazing product that can help them generate more sales for their business.

4.- Create A Laser Focus Group: Share Your Best Content

Now, you can also create a group of your own Facebook. You can either invite people you know or set the group to public so whoever wants to join and be part of the group they can.

Share your best content when it comes to strategies and tactics so other people in your group can learn from you. This will build your authority more plus people love to follow others who are a step or two above them. 

I like to come up with about 100 ideas before creating a group so in case I don’t have anything to post about on Facebook, I can just reach into my “back-pockets” and post one up to keep my group active and engaging.


Also, don’t forget to engage in conversations when others in your group post a post, make sure to leave a genuine comment and build value upon it if you can.

5.- Create A free Lead Magnet For Your Facebook Group

This is another of my favorite things to do and to share with you.

Once you are done creating your lead magnet, create a profile photo cover (like we mention above) and make it look super cool and include a CTA so when people click on it, they can read what the photo cover is about and that is where you can drop off your link so they can get your free lead magnet.

6.- Use The Poll Feature To Ask Questions

I’ve seen this tactic used many times, but I’ve just recently started implementing it too. Click on the post and on the bottom of the pop-up up, click on poll. 

The most effective polls I’ve seen are asking questions. People love engaging when it comes to questions and more if it’s about something they are passionate about, currently going through, etc...

7.- Create A Business Page: Make A Welcome Video

This is super important as you want to establish yourself as an expert even though your just starting out. Just by reading this blog post you’ve now acquired more knowledge when it comes to Facebook marketing for beginners. 

Most of the time, you will have two types of people following you: entrepreneur and marketers inside your same market niche and the customers who showed interest in a service or product of the same market niche.

People inside your same niche are always looking up to people who know more about a specific subject than they do, to expand their horizons. This can lead to a potential sale if you can also target this niche as well

Customers usually like to follow someone who they’ve build a relationship with (post-purchased) because in their mind, you are an expert regarding the thing you sold to them. This is good because next time you have something new or even a discount, you can retarget them again and they are most likely to purchase a product or a service from you.

8.- Create A Facebook Pixel And Add It To Your Website

A Facebook pixel is a special unique code that you can utilize to know who has visited your website and retarget them later down the road with advertisements (something your visitor either wants or needs), once you install it to your website (as long as your visitors have Facebook as well).

Yup.., you can gather a lot of information such as: gender, age, location, etc.., about the people who have visited your website.

9.- Go Facebook live with other people inside your industry

This is a kept secret of mine, but maybe you’ve seen this a few times when it comes to Facebook marketing. 

You invite 1 or 2 people to your Facebook live inside of a group and talk about a subject (make sure your topic is well structured) to provide valuable information to the members inside the group. I’ve seen people also making sales and members buying as well.

This is more of an advanced technique because it requires you to build a long term relationship with people inside the same niche market in order to execute this hack sale system.


Facebook marketing may sound very difficult for a beginner who is just now getting started but with these 9 explosive methods, one can speed up some of the process to start earning some small wins.

If you follow this outline and implement one tactic a day, you will start seeing results within the next 30 days compared to your last 30 days of Facebook marketing.

If your not consistent, it may take you longer to start seeing success but because your here and read the full blog post, you got this!