Video Content: The Best Video Hosting For Content Creators

Your Business Needs The Best Hosting Site With The Best Features

Video hosting, like nearly every other technology, is constantly evolving. 


Google has purchased the video platform, YouTube, to provide better quality, and YouTube can now be accessed from web browsers. 


Tiktok, Instagram Reels, Facebook videos, and Snapchat have become a part of our daily lives, and some claim that they are better than YouTube. 


You can also find various paid plans: video hosting options, such as those offered by the likes of Vimeo, DailyMotion, and Wistia


While all of them have their pros and cons, we strongly recommend the well crafted and extremely popular video hosting solution that just arrived to the video hosting market, called "GrooveVideos".


GrooveVideos is for content creators: entrepreneurs, marketers and small business owners who want to upload their video content in a safe and secure place for video uploads and video hosting.


Before jumping into GrooveVideo, let me explain some of the fundamentals before advancing any further.

What Is Video Hosting?

Video hosting platforms are online services that provide the facility for you to upload, store and share videos with the world.


Video hosting is something that people who want to watch videos on the internet need.


Whenever we see a video on the internet, it has to be hosted somewhere, that is where video hosting platforms come in. They provide a platform for uploading your videos and then others can view them through their websites or on their smartphone apps.


There are lots of different kinds of video hosting services available out there, but some of the free popular ones include Youtube, HubSpot, Vidyard etc.

What Is A Content Creator?

A content creator is a person who creates original and compelling content for the purpose of engaging with an audience.


Content creators are usually responsible for the entire process of content creation, from start to finish. They have to come up with a good topic, research it, find sources, compose their message, and provide a conclusion or takeaways.


They also need to make sure that their content provides value and sparks conversation..


Content creators need to know how to work with many different types of media and how to navigate the constantly changing world of marketing and advertising.


A content creator can be a freelancer, in-house writer, or even an intern working for a business.

What Is Video Content?

Video content is a form of video marketing that is able to communicate a message in an efficient way. It is one of the best ways to promote a product, service, or company


Video content can be made in any form - interview, presentation, product demonstration, animating video, live video streaming on social media platforms or even longer-form videos that showcase the business culture and philosophy.


Video content is the hottest form of content marketing out there. Our brain processes video 60,000x faster than text. This makes video an easy way to grab our attention and make a lasting impression.


Video should be treated as a storytelling medium. It lends itself well to use in any type of business or industry from sales and marketing to finance services and healthcare. 


The only thing that limits video is your imagination; you can use it in any part of your business, as long as you know what your goals are and how you will measure success.

Top Mistakes to avoid when making and uploading videos online?

1.- Not Rehearsing:

By not practicing your tone of voice, your hand movements or knowing what to say on your slides or your next slides, is a complete turn off to your audience.

What your audience wants is someone who can speak clearly, knows their topic and is confident when it comes to pressing the red record button on camera.

2.- Bad Audio Quality:

Your audience will cringe to bad sounding audio and will immediately stop watching your video.

Your audio will make or break your audience within the first few seconds when watching your videos.

3.- Not Delivering Any Useful Information:

Provide high rich valuable messages, reports or tips to your audience so next time you release your next video, they are more likely to stick around to the end, engage with your video and leave you comments.


On Youtube one of the most popular Youtube videos are the “step by step” instructions and the “tutorial” videos. When it comes to a paid membership, the layout should be a sub-videos coordinating with the module’s title.

4.- Not Having A CTA (Call TO Action):

It is crucial to tell your viewers what to do as they are watching your video. This could be to subscribe to your channel, to go to a website, to download a PDF file, to leave you some feedback, etc…


With this information on hand, you’ll know how to deliver a better compelling video to increase all your metrics.

5.- Not Engaging With Subscribers:

If your viewers are leaving you feedback in the comments section it is very important to follow-up with them to either answer their questions and concerns or to acknowledge their complement to the information you provided on the video.


With this method you will start converting your subscribers into loyal fans of yours.

6.- Not Analyzing Your Metrics:

Not knowing every single video performance is everything when you are publishing videos online. This can help you scale your business to the next level.


By not implementing this tactic, you're just guessing what your audience likes, where from the internet world they are your customers coming from, what they like most about your video, what they dislike about your video, what gender you're attracting the most, etc.

What is GrooveVideos?

GrooveVideos is a video hosting platform with the intent for the user to use it as a video marketing platform. 


Video marketing is a popular form of online video marketing. It's one of the most engaging and profitable formats for content creators to use.


..with so much attention being paid to video content, there are many different strategies that can be employed in order to make videos successful.


There are many different ways to create video content, but some are more effective than others. 


It could be something as simple as filming a short clip on your smartphone or as complicated as shooting with professional equipment for hours at a time. 


Regardless, GrooveVideos is an effective way for content creators to promote their brands and products through a medium that people love watching.


Video content has become more accessible over the years with the advent of smartphones and advances in camera technology that have made it easier than ever before to shoot high-quality footage on the go.


GrooveVideos is still in beta which means it has a few features, but by the end of 2021 it will have all the features it competitors has and way much more plus unique features as well.


Here is a quick list of what GrooveVideo has and will have later this year 2021:

  • Killer dashboard with deep analytics
  • Video hosting service
  • Embed code
  • high-quality videos
  • Customizable video player
  • Large storage space
  • Variety of video files
  • Advanced analytics
  • “Click for sound” animation - when video is muted
  • GIF splash image
  • Video analytics
  • Online courses
  • Social share, call to action
  • Shadow around the video switch
  • Adaptive bitrate (480p, 720p, 1080p)
  • Ability to download your encoded videos
  • Use GrooveVideo as a player for all your videos hosted on - Youtube, Wistia, Veimo (any source URL + your own server .mp4…)
  • Tagging
  • Hours of video
  • Private video hosting
  • Automations
  • Batch upload 
  • Storage management
  • Top notch video quality
  • Third party integrations
  • Detailed analytics
  • Ability to export leads
  • Host on your own website
  • Plus more advanced features
  • Customer support

Get it all with GrooveCm plus more here!


GrooveVideo offers one of the best video hosting for video marketing to track every little detail about your prospect.


With all the data collected it is easy to verify how to optimize your video to provide a better user experience.


At the end of the day, it is all about providing the very best visual information to your prospects, to resolve their painful problems with your unique solutions.