GrooveKart: Sell Shirts Online Without Inventory

GrooveKart is an ecommerce website builder that allows entrepreneurs to sell anything their heart desires to and this includes selling shirts online without an inventory which is something not unheard of if you are not in the POD (print on demand) business.

POD primarily focuses on acquiring blank product canvases to sell it to the masses so the buyers can create their own unique design and stamp it on the blank canvas. Of course, you summit the design online to the POD warehouse and they will make sure to stamp it for you.

When I say blank canvases, I am talking about: shoes, hoodies, scarfs, socks, coffee mugs, laptop sleeves and so much more products. All of these can have your unique designs and then you can turn around and sell them to the people you think who are more likely to buy them!

Once you create your own account with one of these POD websites, you have access to all of their blank merchandise without having to order a bulk through a warehouse but the POD warehouse will take care of placing your design and sending your products to your address or the buyers address.

You acquire the product at cost and sell it for however you wish to and then subtract the cost from the price and what will be left over is your margins: $7 cost for a mug and you sell it for $20 then your margins will be $13 which is pretty much your profit.

This is what tons of ecom-entrepreneurs are doing by utilizing an easy to set up website builder like GrooveKart to start making sales. I personally have a GrooveKart store where I sell anime products and people love the designs!

I may have deviated from the title of the blog but what I am trying to say is… YES, you can sell products without having an online inventory and it is amazing! However, we will be focusing on selling shirts: the ups and downs in this specific type of item.

Overall this blog post will give you more insights about how to start your ecommerce journey when it comes to selling shirts online without having inventory in your house and how to start scaling your business.

What Is The Best Ecommerce Website Builder For Selling Shirts Online Without Inventory?

OK… I may have gotten ahead of myself but without a doubt it is GrooveKart! Yes, not many entrepreneurs or marketers may know about it like the big brands like Shopify, Woocommerce, Wix, Squarespace among others but the platform is as good as any one of them!

When we compare it directly against Shopify, GrooveKart may seem like a little mouse going against a heavy weight champion but bigger doesn’t always mean better. Let’s deep further on these two platforms.

When it comes to prices, their top tier to pay a month to have access to all the features are about the same.

Yet, when it comes to shopping cart pages, you have to pay an extra $2k just to tweak this page but when it comes to GrooveKart, this feature is included on the price, no extra charges!

Not to mention if you want to integrate with other POD businesses using Shopify, you have to pay extra…AGAIN! Yes, they may have a larger selection but GrooveKart has the most important ones to use and create any POD you want! This goes beyond t-shirts at this moment!

Most ecommerce website builders share about 80% of the same POD companies such as: Printful, Lulu, BestPrint, Printify, and a few others because these are the top companies when it comes to always having in stock blank products canvases to sell with great quality!

Personally, I use TeeLaunch to sell my shirts, hoodies and tank tops because I like their quality but again, now it comes to preference. My best advice would be try out all of them, order from each vendor and choose the one you like the most!

Overall, you always have access to all this inventory and you don’t have to worry about having low inventory because the POD companies are always supplying tons for you and every other ecommerce entrepreneur who uses their platform to sell their products, which are yours!

What Are The Steps To Take To Start Selling Shirts Online Without Inventory?

Before anything, make sure to pick the best website builder that fits your needs the most and don’t choose the one who has shiny features that claims to do it all with a click of a button! Do your research and again… I’ve done that for you so check out GrooveKart Here.

Matter of fact, most of these ecommerce website builders offer a free 14 day trial so this can also be another way to test the waters with all these platforms. I’d consider this the best way to try out each platform and fall in love with the one that makes it easy for you to use!

Let’s say you already selected your ecommerce website builder. The next step you will need to do is choose a POD company that can integrate with your website platform. Usually it is under a setting like “app manager”.

Most platforms make the integration super easy to connect with each other so you can start selecting the t-shirts you like to sell on your website with your custom designs stamped over them!

If you don’t have any photoshop skills to create uniquely graphic designs, go to fiverr, they have tons of pros on the site you can hire there.

Now that you have your unique designs and you picked your shirts, it's time to bring them over to your website and do some customization on the pages to stand out and be unique against others who also sell clothing and apparel online!

GrooveKart provides free training to build your first POD GrooveKart Store. They also have tons of professional looking themes that with one click you can import everything and it will be your new website when someone types in your URL, just tailor it to your industry and your vibes as well!

Another powerful arsenal to compliment your GrooveKart Store is to add the power of chatbots to drive you leads and sales through platforms like Facebook and Instagram. The blog is about affiliate marketing but you can use these strategies to your advantage for your GrooveKart Store:

[[[ BLOG: Free Affiliate Marketing Course To Get Sales ]]]

Overall, these are the steps you must take to create your first online store and to start selling shirts without having a physical inventory in your house. The POD companies will take care of the fulfillment and deliver the purchased item to the customer’s home address from your website.

What Are The Benefits Of Selling Shirts Online Without Inventory?

The best part about selling shirts online without inventory is that you get to be your own boss and you can work on your one Print On Demand store whenever you want to without needing to clock in or clock out.

I work from home and I love going to Starbucks almost every day at the same hour to work on my shirt design to upload it to my GrooveKart store so they can be ready to sell when I decide to launch them to the world.

Yes, at first just like everyone else… It will take time to understand how to upload, import, set prices, set discounts, set the colors and a few other things, but once you get the hang of it.., the process becomes faster and easier to the point you will know it so well like the back of your hand!

With this new skillset, when you access our Facebook Group and someone asks about how to import and upload products to this page, you can crave the path for them positioning yourself as an authority when it comes to GrooveKart Stores.

Creating courses around something you know more than 80% of the users and explaining it so well that even new people want to give this a shot can result in a tremendous success! What I am saying is that you created another source of income outside of your GrooveKart Store!

You can also start your own GrooveKart agency that focuses on building websites with tons of products, upsells, down-sells, making the ecommerce site look nice and flashy, easy to navigate, with pop-ups, email integration and so much more… I’ve seen Groove-Experts charging up to $5k!

I think the next level of success that almost every GrooveKart expert wants to reach is to be part of a summit or speaker on stage to help new ecommerce entrepreneurs who want to build their own brand online on GrooveKart learn how to do it, so they too can become successful.

Yes, in order to achieve these phases it all starts with the fundamentals of setting up your GrooveKart Store and let’s not forget the marketing as well!

Yes, the benefits start small and once you unlock “how to set up an online store” and start making 10k/monthly, lots of other doors will be opening up so you can be part of something bigger than yourself!

How Does One Start Selling Shirts Online Without Inventory To Win Customers And Sales?

The answer may sound so silly because I bet you heard it many times “stop waiting for the perfect moment, just do it”. At times, taking imperfect action can result 100X more valuable than making everything perfect to the tiniest molecule on the “website galaxy”.

My way to take massive action “today”, would be selecting one out of the five website themes and integrating with Printful or Printify which is super easy to do (I was nervous at first and plus, I don’t consider myself that smart but the process was self explanatory. You can do it too)!

As you are building your website make sure to be publishing everything you are doing on Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok and all the other social media platforms so when you launch your store, the people who follow you can be your first customers to acquire your products.

I recommend doing this a few weeks before you launch your store because this way you can build up momentum with your audience so, when you drop your GrooveKart store, you can have a massive spike of sales over the “Grand Opening Weekend”.

Another really awesome way is to Generate Organic Traffic or you can read my blog on how “7 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your GrooveKart Store”. Yes, I took the hard work away from your hands and summarized it on 7 easy points to get more traffic to your online store!

Overall, the name of the game is to be publishing 2-3 times a week and not just talking about the cool features about your products but the benefits and the story behind what made you lean into your industry (anime, soccer, cars, yoga, hockey, bitcoin, nft, etc.)

What Are The Risks Of Selling Shirts Without Inventory?

As an entrepreneur we take risks all the time because we know once we cross over the “mountain”, the reward will be 100X more satisfying then not taking action and letting “fear” consume our bodies.

The risk of selling shirts without inventory is having to play by the POD companies rules. They set the cost of their products, they take care of the fulfillment (taking up to 2-3 weeks to ship out the item to the customer’s house), stop the production of a POD product, and more…

The only control you have is if you own physical products. You can mark your prices as your heart wishes and sell them in a bulk if you like!

I recommend always integrating with more than 1 POD company to have access to more of the same products with their competitors. This way, you deactivate one product and activate the other one with the same graphic design to not lose a sale.

Talking from personal experience and my time doing ecommerce on GrooveKart platform, this has only happened to me once and it has not happened again, even though I have over 200 products. I’m also checking the back end of my store everyday so if it does happen, I can create a quick swap.

Why Is Selling Shirts Without Inventory More Popular Than Selling Shirts With Inventory As An Entrepreneur?

The reason why selling shirts without inventory is more popular than selling shirts with inventory is because we don’t have to own the product. We simply start our own business like today and all we have to do is connect for free with the POD companies I mentioned before.

OK.., let me put this in perspective!

If you want to start doing Print On Demand, you first must buy a printing shirt machine which can easily cost you over $1k. Not to mention, the blank canvas shirts by the bulk to acquire lots of them at a very reasonable price to make profit.

Then you have to get the ink for the colors and learn how to stamp your graphic design on the front and the back of your t-shirt. There are a number of methods to do this (I know because I did my research about this subject on Youtube).

Then you have to buy a printing label machine and somehow connect it to your website so for every purchase your customer does on your website, it prints the label automatically. Then you need to go to the USPS everyday to fulfill your orders so your customer can get their stuff on time!

I mean, I probably skipped a few important steps but just with this, you can see how much of a hassle this can result in!

Let’s not fool ourselves either, we like to make easy money with a simple process so this is why many entrepreneurs create an online brand that automates most of the hard work, over 80% of the process.

The only 20% one must take care of is answering frequently asked questions (I recommend using a chatbot which can almost eliminate this process, providing you more time for yourself), uploading new products, creating weekend discount codes and a few other minor things!

My GrooveKart Store is set up to where I only need to check my sales daily and make sure at least once a week I make a purchase to make sure everything is running smoothly on my online store. It only takes me like less than 30 minutes everyday to make sure everything is running healthy!

Conclusion: Selling Shirts Online With GrooveKart Can Result Profitable As Long As You Equip Yourself With The Right Mindset, Attitude, Mentors And Community.

When you compare GrooveKart vs all its competitors, the first thing you will notice is that it’s FREE to set up a GrooveKart Store and they have their own merchant account. This merchant account is named “GroovePay” and it only charges 5% of your entire sale.

I’ve seen other competitors charging 10, 12 and even 15% of the entire sale making you less profit in your wallet! When you upgrade with GrooveKart, GroovePay will drop it down to 2.5% making you able to buy twice as much Starbucks coffee than a normal day!

GrooveKart belongs to GrooveCm and GrooveCm has a very amazing community where everyone is sharing all their wins, asking important questions to take their websites to the next level, providing feedback and so much more!

On top of that, GrooveKart has 2 amazing mentors who have been providing FREE TRAINING ON YOUTUBE to help you build your first or next online store. They are literally building a GrooveKart Store from the ground up step by step so you can take the framework

… and implement all their secrets and tactics to your store! I’ve learned so much from these 2 amazing people (Frank Salinas & Jhon Garcia), thanks to them… I run an online business in the anime industry which I love so much!

Overall, if you are reading this last paragraph… You know that GrooveKart is FREE to start with which should at least inspire you to get it and to play around with everything it provides to see if you like it or not.

Set up a demo store with real print on demand shirts online and see how you do!

Once you see your first sale coming in, it will be mind-blowing and you will focus more on your online store than ever to drive more traffic to your GrooveKart store to make more sales. Of course, adding more products to your store!

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