5 GrooveMail Mistakes To Do, If You Hate Making Money

One of the strongest repellents against those who hate making money, is by using a smart email marketing system like Groovemail. Yet, there are a few of them who “wiggle” their way into the GrooveCm platform and are making the worst mistakes to avoid making easy monthly profit.

Many entrepreneurs and marketers get in the game to earn their way out of a 9-5 job but it seems like they pick up a marketing book or a marketing course and learn how to bypass the easy pile of cash to reach the “you can’t catch me” money by burning more money on paid marketing.

Groovemail functionality is to build trust with your leads and buyers by sending them a weekly newsletter about: company updates, exclusive offers, new articles post, etc. Only a few of us who love making money with email marketing, know these dirty little secrets surfing on the web.

If you believe making money is evil, you are completely right. What’s the point of making money!

More money means to share even louder your message to those you wish and want to help, it means to help others in time of needs, it means not to give up on your dreams and not go back to your old job

… It is very exhausting to generate an easy monthly income by sending a positive email to your audience about what other ways can you serve them better to make a bigger impact in their lives. Yes, that sounds very dull and boring to do… I think binge watching Netflix sounds way much cooler, don’t you think?

For everyone who loves making webinars, funnels, landing pages and paying for google ads, facebook ads and every other method to convert cold traffic into a buying customer, stay in that route only! Yes, because there is no making money on the follow, email follow up by using Groovemail.

So, as you guess… In this blog I will love to give you the formula of how to keep doing these 5 mistakes using GrooveMail in order to dodge all the credit cards the customer wants to hand over to you to charge their account, say no to easy money!

Not Having An Opt-in Form On Your Website

If you currently have a website, landing page or a funnel, skip the nuisance of having an email opt-in form, it saves you the headache of being embedded to your site. The only thing it does is get you more leads.

In other words, leads mean we have to devote extra time on writing a specific email sequence to welcome our new lead, nurture them with relevant content on the way they opt-in to our email list and all that frustrating non-sense. 

If you hate making money through high quality AI content marketing tools to write your emails for you, just skip this phase. I mean, if you don’t want to write them manually, why waste money on stuff like artificial intelligence that offers you assistant to break through writer's block 

…to bang out fast email content. Just keep investing your time, effort and devotion on fishing out those cold target audiences to convert them into hot buyers the first time you present them your offer and why they need it, in their daily lives! 

Sounds easier than warming up leads who may be interested in your offer through email marketing.

This means, do not offer any free lead magnets because you will be wasting your time, efforts and energy. Leave the free lead magnets to entrepreneurs and marketers who want to nourish those who show interest in whatever their offering, we go straight for the sale and not the leads!

Overall, if you believe opt-in forms are for chumps who don’t know how to position themselves with high authority in front of their customer in their first try through paid advertisement and the only way they can make money is by email marketing, you're right! They like to take the secure and easy route.

Sending Spam Emails

Many people who hate making money online, have revealed their number one way to decline potential leads credit cards and scare them away by unsubscribing from their email list. Is by sending them spam emails, such a lucrative way to avoid making money online!

I’ve visited my inbox and have found that many people who hate online money are always sending emails with big giant words saying “BUY, BUY, BUY” and have very ugly banners that honestly, makes me not want to open an email ever again from them.

As you heard it, this is a very effective way to reduce your potential leads if at one point you had them opt-in form to your email list through a website (IDK, why you would even do that). You can even copy and paste your last email and send it again to make sure they click unsubscribe!

If you hate making money online, I’m pretty sure you heard the saying “email marketing is dead”, you can literally help the phrase out by spamming everyone on your email list every hour automatically.., this is called email automation and GrooveMail has it!

I love making money online, but if you hate it because I am using email marketing then whenever I opt-in on your email list, keep sending me spam emails and I promise to never open an email sent by you. I’ll probably unsubscribe and never buy from you, at all!

Sending Very Long Emails

This is another favorite tactic to those who loathe making money online through email marketing! They believe it is a dirty trick to educate their customer about how to use the product or service through email content.

I’ve had a friend who once told me he was sick and tired of long emails with no CTA (Call To Action), no links nor visual images to make him want to buy the thing they were offering him.

Now if you really want to take this to the next level, just copy and paste lyrics of songs with a horrible subject line to make the lead open it and boom! He will have your email name on the back of his mind so next time you do this same process,

Your chances of him giving you the “boot”, will increase at least twices as much! Even better, have CTAs, links and visual images that make no sense at all. I think this will convert your lead into an email drop out…lol…

“Make money the hard way and not the easy way like with email marketing, what’s the point of even becoming an entrepreneur or marketer if it's that simple” words by a ture email marketer hater that hates easy money made online!

Not Tracking Your Email Campaigns

For people who hate making money online with email marketing, their number one priority is to get rid as fast as possible people inside their CRM system because the more contact they have, the more money they have to keep spending for this feature.

The funny part is that you don’t pay extra for GrooveMail once you get it, unless you exceed a certain number of contacts, but that’s not the point of this blog. 

These guys are truly experts when it comes to not tracking their email campaigns they send out. They don’t care about the clicks, the segmented contacts they send it to, if their repeat customers or new leads, or whatever their contact may be. These guys were born with this gift.

I mean, let's break it down! Email marketing campaigns are about analytics, split testing, following up, answering prospect questions and a few more. Online money haters who dislike email marketing, hate doing this and possibly don’t know how to track all this.

Let’s face it, these guys like other methods outside of email marketing. If you hate money, congrats! Step aside and let the rest of us collect the easy pile of cash through email marketing. You stay focused on converting cold audiences through first impressions like on facebook ads!

Not Replying Back To Your Leads

Online money haters have a small community where they share insightful information on how to destroy their own leads. A smart “genius” came up with a perfect solution, he said “when the leads email us, we simply just…Don’t reply back”. As you can see, they truly hate making easy money online.

Now, leads may email you about: customer support, questions about your product or services, about shipping outside the United States and a few others. Yet, these guys will just read what the customer emails them and not move a single finger to help their leads out.

Also, when they convert a customer into a buyer they feel like they own the world because they made a sale without using email marketing. If they were smart, they would send a thank you email with a discount to have the buyer buy again to increase their monthly revenue.

If the leads can’t get in touch with the company or online brand, they will go to their facebook business page or facebook group and write a review of how bad their customer service is but because they are the administrators, they will erase all negative comments to make theri brand look perfect.

Yes, people who don’t like making money online by using email marketing platform tools like GrooveMail… Intend to do shady businesses with their buyers and that just gives me the cringes!

Conclusion: Making Money Is Only For Those Who Like To Nurture Their GrooveMail List

If you like making money online by using email marketing tools, GrooveMail is the way to go because they make it easy to get in touch with your leads and buyers with a few simple clicks which creates more interest on your prospect to either make them buy or buy again

Now if you don’t like making money online with GrooveMail or any other email marketing tool, follow to the letter all the advice I gave up above, to kill all your leads and just focus on “hard marketing” for conversion.

Of course, there are other methods outside of email marketing to generate leads and sales like by using blogging strategies or using chatbots for business. At the end of the day, you choose what most fits your hat as a marketer and as an entrepreneur.