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Learn How To Promote Affiliate Products For Beginners

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When it comes to affiliate marketing for beginners, it sounds very enticing to sell affiliate products or services online, to generate a one time payment commission payout or a residual monthly payout for every referral you close.

One of the best advantages about affiliate marketing for beginners is that anyone can start earning money online without any upfront costs and without any experience in digital marketing or sales!

When someone clicks on your affiliate link and makes the purchase, this is considered your sale, your referral sale. This is how you get paid as an affiliate marketer.

As someone who loves promoting affiliate products when you first start out, it is not all “ponies and rainbows”. It’s hard work but I want you to first fall in love with the product or service you are promoting to make it easier for you to sell it to the masses and convert the lead into a buyer!

Stop thinking short term because this is not a quick get rich scheme blueprint, you have to put in the work in order to start seeing the cashflow rolling in. The longer you do this with an ethical mindset with the purpose of helping out people, the more you will be rewarded in the long run!

There are many different ways to close your referral by using your affiliate link: you can work your way in (organic methods) or you can buy your way in (paid methods: like Facebook ads and others).

This marketing strategy secret can be found in one of my favorite books: Traffic Secrets by Russell Brunson. The book is very focused on filling your websites and funnels with your favorite customers you love to serve day in and day out, a very well worth book for only $10!

In this blog however, I like to give my best tips under the following subheadings down below and also what I consider to be the best free affiliate marketing courses I’ve been a part of that can skyrocket your affiliate marketing game!

How To Set Up Your Own Affiliate Website

When it comes to choosing a website builder to create your own affiliate website a few options are GrooveCm (the platform I use), Clickfunnels, Kartra, WordPress, InfluencerSoft, Weebly, and many others. If you have one already, that’s perfect!

Instead of redirecting your visitors straight to your affiliate link page, create a gap between your affiliate link and the product or service you want the visitor to get. This is where you will place your affiliate website also known as “affiliate bridge page”.

The reason having an affiliate bridge page is very important is because it allows one to collect the customer’s data before sending them off to the product or service the affiliate marketer wants them to get.

Data is usually their first name, last name and email address, but one can also ask for their phone number, their favorite social media they like to be on, their favorite marketing book, etc.., but keep in mind that the more data one wants, the less the visitor is willing to give.

…and no-one wants to decrease your chances of getting the potential leads contact information to follow up with them!

Building an email list is the most important thing an affiliate marketer can do since we don’t own the buyer list of the product or service we are promoting! This will let us, the affiliate marketer follow up and nurture the lead who is interested in the topic they sign up for.

One can follow up by providing them information about the product like: benefits, testimonials, how to use the product, what not to do with the product, etc.., Providing different angles of persuasion to help the lead be like “I see how this can impact my life in a positive way”, to get the sale.

[I’ll be creating an affiliate website on Youtube soon, stay tune]

How To Set Up Your Own Affiliate Chatbot

“Wait, what? Is this even possible” I bet this is what you are thinking right now! Let me tell you, yes it is and only those inside the chatbot industry (like myself) know about this super hidden secret and those who know about it, don’t usually like to share it publicly but only to a chosen few.

Yes… If you are here I’m about to give you all the insights about this secret so you can start applying it as well to start getting more leads and more sales without having to use an affiliate bridge page or affiliate website.

Affiliate chatbots is like having your own affiliate bridge page but without the website. In other words, you will insert your affiliate link within the chatbot when you are having a one on one conversation with your potential prospect so if they do buy, it would be your sale.

Go to my Instagram page on your phone, DM me the word “chat64” to see this affiliate chatbot in action. This is the program I am using to build my email list as an affiliate marketer and getting small wins every now and then throughout the months of the year!

The point of a chatbot is to have a real true conversation with your prospect about a specific problem you are an expert in resolving, through real life experience but through automation.

When it comes to “what to say on the chatbot”, you're simply going to paraphrase what is on the page you want your customer to sign up or the purchase page, in a conversational way.

A quick example would be taking the message from “GetResponse” main page and converting it to a chatbot conversation with your affiliate link plugged into the chatbot so when they click on it and buy a plan… You get compensated because it was your referral.

Overall, this is my way of doing affiliate marketing and it has worked for me much better than affiliate bridge pages thanks to the Free Affiliate Marketing Course by Travis.


How To Write Affiliate Product Reviews That Convert

Writing affiliate product reviews has been around since the late 2000s and it has worked like you have no idea, why? When people search on the internet for something, they are doing it because they either want to buy what they are looking for or get more info about the product!

Intent search is way much more valuable than interruption marketing like doing Facebook ads, Tiktok ads or native ads. This is because what is happening in the customer’s mind is that they are in an almost “buying state” and they happen to find a review on whatever they are looking for

… and click on your link… You get the sale, easy sale without much persuasion like advertising social media or articles.

Here is the affiliate product review blog article that I made a few weeks ago about this product I use pretty frequently when it comes to Instagram to increase my followers, comments and likes, HashtagsForLikes.

I usually start off by doing an introduction of the product review: a little bit about the product history, why it is important, who it is for and stuff in between these lines. Then most of my blog is about its features and how to use them with screenshots examples.

I do place a bit of banner ads on the blog so the reader can click on them to take them to the website so they can get the product there and then without having to keep prolonging. These are my call to action to win the sale fast from my readers.

The last thing I do in my blog is to give a conclusion and summarize why they need this product in their life and sometimes I do add a few bonuses to persuade the customer (give the customer the final push) so they can get the product from me.

Overall, this is one example but I recommend you to go and look up things you want to get on Google and you will see tons of examples of Affiliate product reviews. Take what you think will work best for you and add it to your arsenal.

How To Promote An Affiliate Product On Social Media

As you know, tons of marketers as well as entrepreneurs post up their affiliate links on social media to acquire the sale from people who click on their link.

However, tons of people consider this spamming and you can potentially get your account deleted from social media accounts, but you have to know how to do it the clever way!

One of the ways is providing value to the community or waiting for them to ask you personally to drop your link to them, so they can get the product from you.

Down below are just some examples on how to approach the affiliate marketing game in a clever way so you won’t get your accounts deleted. Of course, we will be talking about organic methods instead of using paid ads.

Affiliate Marketing On Youtube

Youtube allows the user to do affiliate marketing by uploading videos about the product they want to sell. The product can be from anything physical to a digital product one can download online or sign up online for.

If one is selling physical products like anime gear, the user can talk about how cool the t-shirts are, how to match it with different shoes, how the anime t-shirt has influenced their life when they take it out to go grocery shopping, what it looks like before they open the package and after words, etc…

I recommend going to Youtube and just typing in the search bar “review products” and you will get a huge list and start clicking on every single one of them, because people review products differently and write down the ones you like the most.

When it comes to digital products like promoting websites, the user of that website would be demonstrating how to create a website, how to login to see how many users open your email broadcast, how to set up an exit pop up, how to add links to your buttons, etc.

Of course, right before the video ends… Tell the viewer to click on the link you have on the description to have them go to your affiliate bridge page to acquire the viewers data or you can also simply send them straight to your page you want them to go, which I do not recommend!

One of the marketing tools I recommend using is VidIQ because it tells you what is trending at the moment, how many search volumes per month a word or a phrase has, spy on your competition and a whole lot more.

The tool is considered to be an organic method to drive traffic to your affiliate link or affiliate bridge page but on steroids. The speed to take someone off of Youtube into a website you desire is like 10X quicker than without it.

Overall, see what other youtubers are doing to get attention and what are they saying to have the viewer leave the platform to the website they are telling them to go. Copy the script and tailor the message to your convenience to start getting leads and sales.

Affiliate Marketing On Instagram

Instagram allows the user to do affiliate marketing by posting pictures or videos about the product or service they want to sell. However, unlike Youtube the Instagrammers have to go to the person’s main IG profile to click on the link to be redirected to the website.

The purpose of posting pictures and videos is to bring awareness to the audience about the product through multiple perspectives on how the thing you want to sell can impact the buyer’s life in a positive way!

Here is a blog about 7 ways Instagram influencers make money online and so can you shortcut your success of selling affiliate products online without having to spend 100s of hours doing your own research. These tactics also apply to an affiliate marketer!

The best part about directing the IG traffic to your BIO link is that you can create multiple button page linking to different things like to your main website or to your Facebook or anything you can think of! Go to my Instagram Profile Bio, click on my link to see the example!

This tactic has worked very well for me because outside of taking my prospect to my chatbot affiliate on Facebook or with Instagram automation they can see more options and if they like to see what the “headline button” is aboutThey can simply click on it to get more details!

Overall, Instagram is my preferred social media to be at because I have tools that complement the social media platform giving me a big head start over other affiliate marketers who are just now jumping in the game and starting from square one! You can also have this advantage too!

Affiliate Marketing On Facebook

Facebook allows their users to do affiliate marketing but if the algorithm finds out they are posting their affiliate links way too frequently, just as other platforms… The user's chances of having his account deleted is very high.

Facebook also dislikes any kind of links that takes the user outside of its platform mainly because the longer the user is on Facebook, the more ad revenue the Facebook is making and this applies to all the social medias as well.

One of the ways entrepreneurs and marketers are being very clever about this is by creating Facebook groups. Inside of this community the chances of having a member clicking on your affiliate link is high because they are your “dream customers

… and been following your success for a long time would be my best guess.

You can also set up an important pin-post within your Facebook group community so it can always be shown above any other Facebook post on top of the page. If you have a CTA (call of action), most people will click the link to check out the stuff you are promoting to them!

One last way to do affiliate marketing on Facebook would be to join tons of Facebook groups and provide help and useful information to those who are seeking it and if they engage and keep on asking questions.., you can drop them your affiliate link to get what you believe can solve their problem.

Overall, Facebook groups are good places to do affiliate marketing business with people who need a solution to their problems, from digital products like a SEO tool all the way to a physical product like a coffee machine.

Affiliate Marketing On Tiktok

unlocking the power of Tiktok here

Tiktok allows their users to do affiliate marketing on their platform and it is very similar to Instagram where the user has to go to the user's profile and click the link on their BIO to get more information about the product or buy the product.

Tiktok is a short video content platform where it doesn’t allow users to upload static images. They figured out that in this day in age, there is nothing more engaging than short videos to keep the user entertained more on their platform.

I recommend using the same strategy as Instagram about creating a multiple button page on your main page of Tiktok to provide them options to click on other things your potential lead may be interested in. I have an example on my Tiktok, check it out here (it only works with phones).

As far as I know, there is not Tiktok automation like there is on Instagram but as soon as a secret weapon like this appears in the market, every marketer will be on it to make the best use of it, to acquire more leads and more sales from it.

The best way to create a video would be following this easy script for Tiktok: Catchy hook + quick intro (3seconds), 3 benefits about the product you are trying to sell (5-7seconds each benefit) and a CTA (call to action, 3sec).

This script is the one I see Tiktok-ers are using over and over again and it's the most effective one so far to pull in the viewer to your link to acquire the lead or get the sale.

Overall, spend an hour a day looking on Tiktok how influencers are promoting and selling the products to copy their ideas and do something similar. Look at everything from the filters they are using, the angles, how they are saying the words, etc..

Affiliate Marketing On Podcast

When it comes to doing affiliate marketing on a podcast it is completely different from any of the social media platforms because it is based on listening and not visualization.

If you have your own podcast show it is easy talking about the product you are trying to promote as long as you have an easy website name the listener can type into Google to find it because if you have a very long URL name and complex

… this will decrease the chances of getting a sale. You tell me, when you hear the words “” vs “”, which one is easier to remember and to type in the search bar? Simplicity beats complexity 10X fold!

Nowadays, Apple music, Spotify and other platforms host podcasts allowing the user to upload a small description about what their podcast is about and here is where I recommend you to plug in your affiliate bridge page for those listeners who want to look up your podcast.

Overall, my best suggestion would be tuning into your favorite podcast and listen to how they promote the product they want to sell so you can also use that same formula on your podcast to drive more traffic to your affiliate website to get more leads and more sales too!

Conclusion: Start Promoting Affiliate Products To Make Money Online In The Next 30 Days Starting Today!

Affiliate marketing is a very competitive business that could take a few months to start seeing a passive income rolling in, but once you overcome this obstacle the rest is just a snowball effect to increase the size of your wallet.

Select your favorite social media platform and consistently be posting up a podcast, video or an image post about what you like the most of the product you are trying to promote to get others interested as much as you are.

My favorite marketing tool to use is a chatbot to increase my chances of getting the sale through conversation and here is a free affiliate marketing course if you are serious about learning how to promote affiliate products as a beginner or want to improve your affiliate marketing.

Overall, by going through this blog you have a better chance of getting an affiliate product sale in the next 30 days vs others who did not read this blog. You have to be committed because it will not be an easy battle but when you see that first sale, repeat the same process to get the next sale faster!