HashtagsForLikes Review [2022] | Instagram Growth Tool

HashtagsForLikes Here!

This Instagram marketing growth tool is a hashtag research tool that helps increase the reach of the Instagram post and also get more followers without struggling to find which specific hashtag people are searching for to gain more views, shares and comments.

Not to mention, it can also find hashtags for Tiktok and Twitter as well to increase all the metric numbers you wish to go for. It’s a very versatile tool as we can see..

This Instagram hashtag tool will help you grow organically without having to pay Instagram influencers for shout-outs, collaborations or feature posts on their accounts.

The more followers they have, the more they charge and you don’t even know if it will be a good return on investment.

I would rather play it safe by investing in something at a low cost and at a slow paste but know it will bring me quality followers that I can turn into potential leads to then convert them into hot buyers!

This is personally one of my secret weapons lately to grow my Instagram account one step at a time and help others grow their accounts too. Next time we can talk about how to drive your Instagram followers to your website!

Overall, in this blog post I will break down all the elements inside the platform and provide a brief description how it works and a bit more to overdeliver.

Dashboard Interface

The dashboard interface is a friendly visual analytics tool that helps you track your Instagram account and/or other accounts, depending on the plan you have.

Once inside the dashboard if you click on the Instagram hashtag button next to the search bar you can pick to track a Tiktok hashtags, Youtube hashtags, Twitter hashtags, Instagram user and of course, an Instagram hashtags.

As you scroll down below you will see your engagement rate, your average likes, your average comments, the best performing hashtags your account is using and hashtag ideas from the accounts you are following.

Very easy dashboard HashtagsForLikes has created so the user can understand its functionality and visuals, right away.

New Beat Test Mode - Hashtag Search

The new beta test mode is the Hashtag Search bar is where the user types in a keyword they would like to rank for to see how valuable the keyword is to attract more eyeballs to their Instagram profile to get more likes, views and comments.

As you can see, we can type in keywords for Tiktok, Youtube, Twitter and even search up specific Instagram users to see what keywords they are ranking for, what is bringing the most likes, views and comments.

It breaks down visually through a “hashtag-ometer” providing data from Instagram if the keywords is: non-popular, long-life, trending or popular and also providing more insights like average likes and average comments.

In this case I typed in the keyword “Making Money Online” and as you can see here are the results on the picture above.

As you keep on scrolling even further down, it will provide you similar hashtags with more popularity as well as show you what Instagram posts people have uploaded to their accounts with this hashtag.

It is still on beta mode but I feel like it works completely fine, I just can’t think what other awesome features this feature will have!

Analyze Profiles

Analyzing Instagram profiles couldn’t be any easier. Type the Instagram user name of your competitor or an influencer and take a look at their analytics. You can spy to see how many followers they have, how many Instagram posts they have and their engagement rate with their followers.

You can also remove the Instagram user you are tracking by clicking “remove account” or view their account to see more in detail their profile insights like: following growth rate, top hashtags, most used hashtags, engagement by post, etc.

By clicking “update data”, it will take under a minute to show you their most recent KPI (key performance indicators) numbers that HashtagsForLikes provides.

Hashtag Campaigns

This will keep track of the hashtags you decided to save to see how they are performing on the social media platform you choose.

You can select up to 100 keywords to track and create as many categories (folders) as you want, I believe.

Instagram Downloader

This feature allows you to search Instagram accounts and download their videos and photos as simple as 2 clicks.

My best recommendation would be if you are going to use this Instagram downloader feature, use it for good. Save stuff for inspiration and motivation, not to copy and claim creatives that are not yours.

Also, when you click on the image or the video… It will take you straight to the user’s Instagram account.

Profile Insights (In Beta)

Profile Insights will reveal the usernames: daily impressions, daily reach, daily followers, daily reach, daily profiles views, website clicks, test messages clicks, email contact clicks, phone clicks, city of followers, gender and age followers and so much more.

This is another tool in beta mode and it works like a charm so just imagine when it's out of beta and 100% complete!

Plan Pricing

HashtagsForLikes plan pricing has two options:

The Regular Plan:

The Regular Plan is $19 per week but if you upgrade to the monthly plan, it will be a total of $59 per month saving you a difference of $17 per month.

This is good for Instagram influencers or users who want to grow their IG account at a steady pace with quality Instagram followers.

The Pro Plan:

The Pro Plan is $25 per week but if you upgrade to the monthly plan, it will be a total of $89 per month saving you a difference of $11 per month.

The difference with this plan is that you get everything on the Regular account plus so much more as you can see from the image above.

Useful Tools

The tools down below are not features but how you can squeeze the best out of HashtagsForLikes:

Video Library 

Learn from some of our videos, and learn how HashtagsForLikes help influencers, brands, businesses and anyone on Instagram improve their hashtag research”.

Very short, digestible videos for easy comprehension on how to get started with HashtagsForLikes, how to make money with the Instagram marketing tool, fast way to get over 10k followers, how to increase your Instagram reach and so much more.

In other words, here are the blueprints to make you successful using HashtagsForLikes.

Banned Hashtags

Banned hashtags are hashtags that no matter how many times you use them on your Instagram posts it will not help you on getting more likes, comments, shares or followers.

This is good to know, so we can avoid these Hashtags to find similar ones around this realm.


Blogs just like the “Video Library” they are full of knowledge so you can leverage the power of HashtagsForLikes to get the most out of the software to grow your Instagram business account.


This is simply to reach out to HashtagsForLikes if you have any questions or concerns about the platform. They also have a Facebook business page where you can “hit them up” on Facebook messenger to get a response within 24 hours.

Affiliate Program

HashtagsForLikes has an awesome affiliate program that allows you to make extra money in your pockets as you grow your Instagram business accounts.

However if you just want to make money online by promoting this product, you can do it also!

The best part about this affiliate program is that it is a recurring income stream meaning, you get paid as long as your referral is actively paying his weekly or monthly plan subscription!

Let’s do a quick easy example. If you have 10 people paying the regular monthly subscription plan (because the customer knows he will be saving $17 per month), you will be getting paid a total of $177 every month! In a year that’s $2,124! Imagine if you can get another 10 or 20 people!

Yet, to get the people to stick with the HashtagsForLikes for a very long time, is by showing them how to use it and get the best out of it since you were the one who introduced them to the software. You can create a Facebook group and provide value to them every Friday at 4pm!

Conclusion: The More You Use HashtagsForLikes, The Bigger Your Instagram Business Account Will Grow

Everyone wants to grow their Instagram account organically to have real people following them, not bots. Having real people following you means when you offer a product or service that you know can change or transform your audience life in a positive way, they are more willing to pay 

…because they trust you. This is why people follow you, because you provide valuable information, products or services to them. Everyone follows people who we have built a connection with and people we get motivated and inspired by.

HashtagsFroLikes will get you a step closer to finding not just any random followers but quality followers who want to engage with you because the Instagram posts you create are meaningful to them and not random pictures like other Instagrammers post online daily.

Overall, if you are looking for more likes, comments and followers organically… This tool can help you double your numbers once you watch and learn how to use the tool in the next 30 days. Keep posting and keep hash-tagging for more likes and followers!