Use Free Lead Magnets To Fish Your Dream Customer

I love geeking out about lead generation because new customers are the lifeblood of any business. Without these potential prospects that are on the verge of converting into a buyer, there would be no business. This is why I love Marketing!

The word “free” is such a powerful word that attracts almost everything to it. It has happened to all of us, when we are at the grocery store and see free samples or maybe at an anime store and they are offering a free keychain of a famous anime character.

Yes.., These are free lead magnets that draw us in to taste or get the product. The intention of the vendor or seller is to install the desire to “get it now” within us, making us want it even more to the point we are willing to buy the product regardless of the price.

Same goes on the internet, when we see something that calls out our attention such as: free mini course, free exclusive video, free downloadable mp3, etc., We all want it because it’s free so we are willing to exchange a simple email to get the free thing to our email inbox.

Here is where the marketing gets interesting. You don’t want everyone to get your free lead magnet, you want the right people to get your free lead magnet (or paid one but we will stick with the free lead magnet in this blog) because those leads are your future dream customers.

When building an email list, you want people who are interested in what you are offering to keep providing them more valuable information to the point the prospect will want to buy your product or service because they see how that “thing” can impact their lives in a positive way.

This is what we call a “dream customer”. These are people you are serving to help them change their life in a positive way to make them become a better person or change their mindset to help them become successful.

Yes, you can change lives while making money in the process.

In this blog, I’ll go more in detail about terms and how you can benefit by using a “free lead magnet” to start “fishing’ your dream customer one at a time.

What Is A Free Lead Magnet?

Lead magnets take the form of a free product, report, ebook, or anything else that is offered to those who provide their contact information (usually name & email address). Free lead magnet usually offers something that the consumer wants and is willing to give up their contact info for.

This strategy has become increasingly popular as it requires a very small investment in time and no money upfront from marketers and it's a great way to generate leads.

Free lead magnets are great for generating leads because they offer something of value in exchange for contact information, which would otherwise be difficult to get.

Many businesses use free lead magnets as a way of growing their customer base. They know that freebies are very popular, and they can provide these to their target market with the goal of getting more people on their mailing list or email list.

They then use these lists to send out targeted marketing messages that will eventually convert into sales. Messages such as: educating the dream customer (potential prospect) about the product, using testimonials, offering guarantees, discount codes, etc.

This is why it is important to create a free lead magnet that speaks to the dream customer you want to attract to serve later down the road. It sucks when you are trying to help out people that don’t even care about your offer.

What Is A Dream Customer?

A “dream customer” is someone you want to help because you have discovered a massive problem in their life and you want to take them out of that “red zone” by providing them a valuable solution to that specific problem they have in their life.

In the marketing world we like to say “the bigger the problem one solves, the thicker one’s wallet becomes”. Putting grocery items in a bag is not really solving a huge problem, right? But if someone solves the problem on how to take down 10lbs in the next 30 days, is that more valuable?

A quick personal example of mine is, you are here in my blog and my best guess is that you are looking for ways to generate more leads and sales. If you click on image underneath my blog sign up on your right that says “Unlock With Messenger, Click Here”

… I’ll be providing you with my recommended resources to help you find an easier route to: create better and faster content, how to boost your video seo (search engine optimization), or how to spend less time with a customer by automating the process almost 24/7 between others!

If you (or others) have a problem within these “walls” and are interested in the solution, it is only natural for you to seek more information to kill this problem and make your life easier. I created this solution for people who are struggling in their business

… and want to find a solution to overcome their “challenge (the thing holding them back)” to keep growing into success. By overcoming this obstacle, they can enjoy more time with their family, have more time to relax their mind, etc. These are the benefits I’m providing to my dream customer if they decide to get the solution I am offering to them.

Overall a dream customer is someone who you would like to help and serve over and over again by using different angles explaining your solution to cause an epiphany in their head so they can get why they must buy your offer.

How To Make A Free Lead Magnet That Gets Your Dream Customer’s Attention?

Before creating a lead magnet, you have to know who your dream customer is, so when you place the free lead magnet in their “face”.., they will want to get it as soon as they see it online or offline.

If you create the lead magnet first without knowing who your dream customer is, you could possibly attract potential leads but they may not be the right person who you want to help.

An example could be creating a “3D virtual meeting” software for live sessions and real time engagement. Yes, the idea sounds cool but if the people don’t want it, you just toss to the trash lots of hours of your life and even thousands of dollars in this project.

In Shark Tank this lady pitched the sharks the solution of providing a sticky pad for sticky notes. She fell in love with her idea but never had sold any sticky pad to a potential prospect and also (as you can tell) is not a big problem she is solving to the world.

What I am trying to say is start with the customer in mind, make surveys or go through the internet to know and understand their wants and needs. What motivates them, what scares them, where they want to be in life, what are they thinking when their alone,

What makes them tick, why are they stuck and can’t move forward, what their top priorities in life are, what they hate in life, etc. Understanding your dream customer comes before creating a free lead magnet and also way, but way before creating a solution for their problems.

I may have gone deep with the “dream customer” subject and I’ll promise to do a blog about it later down the road, but let’s get back with making a free lead magnet to our target audience.

Let’s say you solve the problem of “how to write and publish your own book within 30 days or less without going to a publisher so you can keep most of the profit”. In this scenario, your dream customer would be authors and/or people who love to write.

By knowing this, you can create a testimonial video of someone who went through your framework who published their own book and use this as a free lead magnet to attract only your dream customers and not people who are not interested in publishing their own book.

Another example could be you solve “How to get more traffic to a website by using Instagram Reels”. Your dream customer (I’m just guessing here) would be entrepreneurs who have an online brand, ecommerce website.

You could ask for their information in exchange to show them 3 effective ways to drive traffic to their store and the 3 mistakes most online brands are doing wrong to drive traffic to their website.

You do not show them your entire blueprint, just a tiny piece like a teaser (lead magnet) so they can get thrilled and want to buy your full course.

How Do I Know My Free Lead Magnet Is Working On My Dream Customer?

The key to know if your free lead magnet is working is by being able to track the results such as how many people opt-in for your freebie and if your website is getting more visits and sales then the usual.

You could also create inside your freebie like a survey section by asking them questions such as: “Once you implement these techniques and tactics ‘survive 3 day out in the wild’, please let me know your feedback by clicking this link below!

Another way to get a response from your potential “dream buyer” would be sending them an automated email a week later after they downloaded your free lead magnet to get their testimonial on it.

Also you can do a weekend launch for your freebie (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) to see how many people visited your landing page and how many people opt-in to download your free lead magnet.

From my understanding a good visit to opt-in ratio is above 30% because your lead magnet is free. In other words, if 100 people visit your landing page you should at least have 30 people downloading your free lead magnet anything under means

… you have to improve your landing page to make people want to get your free lead magnet. The other factor I can think of is, maybe you are targeting the wrong audience and not your potential dream customer. Here is an example of a free lead magnet.

These are my personal opinions about this sub title topic but then again, others may have a different point of view.

What Happens After The Dream Customers Acquires The Free Lead Magnet?

After the dream customer acquires the free lead magnet, make sure to always follow up with an email sequence to say “thank you for downloading the free lead magnet” or if you wish, give them a personal phone call if you also acquired their phone number.

By doing this, it will increase your chances of making a sale at least by two because your dream customer (future dream buyer) will have you on the back of his mind for getting in touch with him after they got your freebie.

This shows good practices of ethics, builds credibility, makes the customer feel more connected to your brand, builds trust and many other things as well. I personally do ecommerce and when a dream customer makes a purchased,

I usually call them a week later to thank them for buying from my store and offer a 24hr exclusive discount because they already bought once.

Free lead magnets are meant to keep enticing the dream customer's senses to the point that they want to buy the product or services you are offering at a price.

Conclusion: Every Business Needs A Free Lead Magnet To Grow Their Business.

Free lead magnets are a marketing strategy that businesses use to attract new prospects, convert them into leads and ultimately increase their bottom line, sales.

The purpose of a lead magnet is to also build an email list of new potential leads to convert them into buyers through email marketing.

Businesses die if they don’t have new potential customers because one can only sell the same offers to their repeat customers a few multiple times.

Overall, every business needs a free lead magnet to grow their business just like conclusion subtitles.