GrooveKart Partner With TeeLaunch For POD Business

It was only a matter of time that the best website builder for ecommerce partnered up with one of the top 10 POD (print on demand) companies in the industries to take over the world. Yes, we are talking about GrooveKart and Teelaunch!

With GrooveKart it is very easy and simple to start creating your first or next ecommerce website thanks to the help of these two mad geniuses who are always going above and beyond providing free training on youtube for the users, Frank Salinas & Jhon Garcia.

Compared to Printful, Teelaunch offers a variety of different POD products such as:

Oven Mitt

Die-Cut Metal Signs

Bamboo Cutting Board


Pet Pillow

Pint Glass

Yard Signs

Cozzie Insulated Tumbler

Tapestry Flags

Indoor Mats

Spiral Bound Notebook

Shower Curtain

Wireless Charging Stand

Round Crock Coasters

Hooded Blankets

Wireless Car Charger

Bluetooth Speaker


+ more…

When we (POD entrepreneurs) heard the partnership announcement, we intentionally went through the Teelaunch product catalog list to see what cool POD products we can add to our stores to differentiate from the rest of the POD online business stores in our niche industry.

In my personal opinion, I like the fact that they have Print On Demand balloons because the people I serve are fans who love anime. Since I know what my group of people (dream customer) like, I can create a graphic design of an anime character

… saying happy birthday with a huge smile as he does a backflip from on top of a table in the middle of New York City…ha! That was maybe too specific, but that is what my dream customer likes!

What I am trying to say is that one always must tailor the POD products into one’s industry to serve their people's wants, press on their emotions to get them fascinated to the point of them becoming a buyer!

Another great example is the hospital employee industry. POD entrepreneurs saw this amazing opportunity when Covid-19 was striking hard, and the only people risking their lives to save others in the “battlefield” were the: nurses, doctors and paramedics.

They were quickly adding powerful quote messages that resonated with them on the t-shirt, tapestry flags, die-cut metal signs and other POD products. This industry was buying the products and even the customers were buying this products as well to give it to them

… to show a sign of respect for putting their life on the line for their community! Of course, they were wearing this gear with pride so much it was even on national television.

An additional tactic I would've use in this scenario to bring in additional cash is to set up an Affiliate Marketing GrooveKart Store Program to reward those who referred a customer to my store and made a purchase, not just focus on Facebook Ads.

If you are a GrooveKart user and you are not using Teelaunch, go ahead and click on “POD & DropShipping” and then click on “learn more” on Teelaunch floating tab. To create an account is completely free to integrate with your GrooveKart Store.

After you activate the Teelaunch tab and click on the cog (settings) wheel, all you have to do is create an account and copy your API key and paste it on the same page where you initially clicked on to create your Teelaunch account.

You're set and ready to rock and roll. From this point forward, all you need to do is create your POD products with your unique design images and then import over to your store to have them ready and active to sell online.

Now if you just created your own GrooveKart store and don’t know how to drive traffic to it, I was already thinking how to resolve this problem for you. The name of the blog I recommend you read after this one is 7 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your GrooveKart Store. It’s full of gold mines!