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Without a doubt, almost everyone in the world knows that Instagram is a place to be to connect with the audience, provide them with real value about the products and services, and impact their lives in a positive way.

Finding Instagram name ideas for businesses can be a difficult task, but once you nail it, it becomes part of you and, most importantly, a memorable name for the audience that follows you and believes in what you do for them.

Instagram names for businesses are usually attention-grabbers that describe with 2-3 words what your account is about. If you go to my Instagram account it has my name on it but I can easily switch it for “Messenger Blogger” which is on my bio description.

When someone hears or sees for the first time “Messenger Blogger”, most people know what a blogger is, but they may be curious about the word “Messenger”. Most people also relate the word to Facebook Messenger.

When people put the two words together, they may have a very close idea of what I do, but if they are just itching to know more, they can click on my Instagram profile and find out more about me and what I do.

This is just a clever way I came up with how to identify who you are and what you do by combining words people are familiar with. Yet, at the end of the day I decided to go with my name.

However here are some simple steps on how you can come up with your own Instagram Name idea for your business that people can identify with 90% clarity what you do. Then we can jump into Instagram Name Ideas for different industries.

Brainstorm Phase

Here is where you just dump all your ideas on a piece of paper, a white board, on Google Docs, or anywhere you can write what your business is about and how it can serve the people you want to attract.

You are going to write the main keyword down and associate other words that are relatable to it. An example would be “Internet Marketing.” Related words can be: Email Marketing, Chatbot Marketing, Facebook Messenger Marketing, Youtube Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, etc.

Grouping Theme Ideas

At this point, we are going to group your associated words with each other under a category theme to start organizing our ideas.

We cannot group “Facebook messenger marketing” and “Tiktok marketing” because they are two different social media platforms but we can group “Affiliate marketing” and “Instagram marketing” under the same “umbrella”.

Niche-ing Down On Theme Ideas

Now we are trying to figure out something relatable two these 2 words that relate to the main keyword to name our Instagram business account.

Continuing with the example: there are multiple affiliate products and services we can find on Google. At this point, we have to find out what industry we want to serve, and for the sake of the example let's go with “Health Nutrition”.

At this point, we can come up with an Instagram Name Idea for our business. It can be “Body_Nutrition_Transformation” and use Instagram as a platform to post affiliate products related to the nutrition industry.

Checking Availability Name On Instagram

This is the last phase of the entire process. Now let’s say that the name we came up with is already taken. Bummer! We can always try using punctuation, or we can play around with the words to come up with a different variation.

Another option would be finding synonyms for the same words to keep your business idea name closely related to the original idea.

Here is my list for business names for Instagram

Instagram Name Ideas For GYM Business


Instagram Name Ideas For Real Estate Business



Instagram Name Ideas For Beauty Salon Business


Instagram Name Ideas For Photography Business


Instagram Name Ideas For Cleaning Business


Instagram Name Ideas For Jewelry Business



Instagram Name Ideas For Fashion Brand Business


Instagram Name Ideas For Marketing Agency Businesses


Instagram Name Ideas For Pet Care Businesses

  • @PET_SPA

Instagram Name Ideas For Online Dating Websites Businesses

  • @DARE_2_DATE

Instagram Name Ideas For Online Finance Businesses



Instagram Name Ideas For Night Club Businesses

  • @4AM_PST
  • @HOT_808_BASS

Conclusion: Instagram Followers Will Follow The Business Account Longer, As Long As They Provide "Usefulness" To Their Lives

The name of the Instagram business account is very important but there is no true value if the account is not providing meaningful content to impact their audience (followers) life, whether it's a post or an offer.

One way to keep your followers sticking around with you much longer inside the platform and outside the platform is by giving away a free lead magnet to your dream customers.

Before I forget, you can always go to this link to generate more Instagram name ideas for your business or personal account as well. This was one of the many methods I came up with the name ideas for businesses.

Another smart way also to grow your Instagram a lot faster with quality followers is by using Clepher and you can click here to read about the blog.

Overall, follow the steps I listed at the beginning of the blog post to create a unique Instagram business name for you account to feel like the time you spend thinking and coming up with the ideas, was well worth it for the name of your business.

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