GrooveKart Partner With Teescape For POD Business

GrooveKart is an incredible and easy to use website builder for ecommerce to sell products or services with just a few clicks! I mean, they have really awesome pre-made templates that will blow your mind and all you have to do is replace the words and images with your own and you're ready to start selling online!

GrooveKart is always partnering with the best and yes, even though this partnership formed a little over a year ago, TeeScape couldn’t say no to this awesome opportunity to make more sales using GrooveKart users!

Not sure if you know, but TeeScape is a shirt POD (print on demand) business that supplies their merchandise to a very few selected website builders like GrooveKart so their users can import their POD products to sale like if it was theirs with their own uniquely design image on a shirt!

In my case, I love selling very cool designs when it comes to anime on my GrooveKart store. I select what type of shirt I like to “stamp” my design on (t-shirt, sweater, hoodie, etc.) and select on how many colors I’d like it on as well to sell on my ecommerce website.

I’ve created quite a few and of course, I order some for myself before actually putting them online and the texture feels amazing and the design looks super awesome as well.

TeeScape as of recently, they’ve also launched a very fun product for GrooveKart users (and other competitors) to sell which is decal vinyl stickers. Compared to Printful and other POD companies, they are the cheapest in the market with high quality print production!

The tactic I am using is showing people the awesome anime stickers and usually once they are added to their shopping cart, they get the same unique design but on a t-shirt as well increasing my ACV (average cart value) making me more profit which is awesome!

GrooveKart has other partnerships as well like Prinfity, but every POD company offers different types of POD products to sell, some at a higher cost while others are lower.

Let’s say you are super new and don’t know so much about how to bring customers to your GrooveKart store but you are very good at using social media. I recommend that you read this blog article about Organic Traffic tailored just for you!

On the other hand, if you want to build your affiliate army. As of the end quarter of 2022, they released this new awesome feature that allows you to select who you want to make an affiliate member for your GrooveKart Store. The possibilities are endless with this feature if you know how to use it!

I mean, I can keep on dropping more methods but then I feel like I’m just pitching you to read my other blogs and that’s not the point of this blog post.

GrooveKart is personally my favorite way to go and I’m very glad they partnered with TeeScape making this platform better than ever! Stickers and shirts, geeeezzz… I feel like as soon as you know who to sell these too, you will start making some sales in no time.

Overall, if you have GrooveKart… Make sure to use TeeScape, of course… Only if you like money…ha! If you are not using TeeScape, then it is time to start using this awesome POD company!