My Top 5 Lead Generation Tools For Businesses

Lead generation is the process of turning a casual, who is not yet a customer, into one.

Lead gen takes place when a company produces and shares content in order to get people to provide their contact information to receive more information about the company.

Almost every business nowadays has a method on how to generate new leads either online or offline.

There is paid advertisement: where a large or small business can pay through Facebook marketing, direct mail marketing, podcast marketing, etc.., to acquire new prospects with the intent to sell them an offer in the future.

There is also organic content marketing where the company does not spend a penny on advertisement, instead they devote themselves to create original content to post on social media platforms to attract new eyeballs with the intent of getting their contact information.

In this blog you’ll learn my top 5 lead generation tools and how to use them to increase your led gen like never before.

Writing Blogs

Blogs are online journals that are published and updated with new content on a regular basis (weekly). A blog provides commentary on a specific topic and valuable information to the blog reader.

My blog contains a few hyperlinks which will either redirect you to another link providing even further detail on the subject or redirect you to one of my chatbots to acquire your full name and email address with your permission, of course. 

With the chatbot method, I can keep in touch with you to provide you with more useful information that you are looking for to help you become more savvy in the digital marketing world or help you save more time and money.

Another thing I love doing is placing certain phrases in my blog post keyword list to boost up my searches in the Google search engines, SEO (search engine optimization).

People usually search with intent to purchase or know more about a specific subject and if they type a few of my keywords, my post will appear within the top pages of google so they can click on my article and read it.

This way if they like, they can opt-in for more blog post content.

Yup you heard right, lead capture form is what I use to keep providing the reader with weekly blog posts. I have it here on the blog page, just scroll up or down and you will see the opt-in form.

As of me writing this blog I haven’t uploaded any embedded ads yet but I'm sure I will. Embedded ads are a type of media to promote a product or service that usually skips the phase of acquiring the name and email address of the future prospect.

These ads can be displayed as banner ads, video ads, or even as sponsored posts on social media sites.

As you can see, writing blogs is an evergreen content that will not die unless you stop updating your post, do it at least once every year to keep your blog content up to date!

Messenger Bots.

Messenger bots are a type of chatbot that allows the user to interact with them through messages in a messaging app, such as Facebook Messenger. They are often used for customer service purposes or marketing.

Like I mentioned before, a few of my hyperlinks on a blog contain these customized chatbots that will gladly keep on providing you more useful information about the subject matter by exchanging your full name and email address.

Within the chatbot platform I can even further customize by adding tags to users who open up my messenger bot. If I ever need to go back and look at my data analytics for people who open up a specific chatbot sequence, I can do so.

I can set up a marketing campaign to keep showing you different angles about the last subject you click on my chatbot to keep bringing you useful information to the point of purchase or you unsubscribe from my chatbot messages, which I hope you never do!

You can also integrate these chatbots on your social media platforms like on Instagram bios (check my example), Facebook cover pages or even in the “about me” section if you have a Youtube channel.

This way you can drive them to your website, give them a coupon discount, pinpoint your brick and mortar business location or even send them a welcome video to your world.

When setting up your chatbot, always ask for their personal contact information because messenger bots are an easy to use lead generation tool that everyone must have. 

You can integrate google sheets with your chatbot to keep track of all your data there too or simply keep everything within your chatbot platform too.

Another method to get the most out of messenger bots is by using the power of QR codes. QR codes are a type of barcode that can be scanned by a smartphone to access content.

QR codes are an interesting way to help brands market their products or services. They're also relatively easy and inexpensive to create, meaning that businesses of any size can use them for marketing purposes.

Let’s say you have a restaurant and want to use the power of QR codes either with or without a chatbot to acquire the buyer's information.

Print a barcode and slap it on top of the eating table and when they scan it with their smartphone... incentivize them with a discount code in exchange for their full name and email address to market them in the near future with specials and so on.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are a type of webpage that is designed to encourage visitors to take a specific action. They do this by offering a valuable incentive in exchange for the visitor's contact information, email address, and other information.

By inserting specific keywords like I do to my blogs, it can rank very high on the search engines of Google and the chances of you acquiring more visitors and leads, increases by a minimum of 2X.

Landing pages are also known as leadpages or lead magnets (in case you don't know what it is but would like to set one up and avoid the typical mistakes I see others doing, click here).

They usually contain valuable information about a unique free offer and if you submit your information, the business will keep following up with you to provide you more useful information till you either buy or unsubscribe.

These pages do not contain any kind of hyperlinks, embedded ads or any kind of link redirect distractions because their main purpose is to have you opt-in for the freebie or walk away from the offer, close the landing page.

Google Forms

Google Forms are a free form-builder, survey and questionnaire tool from Google. This simple online application makes it easy for anyone with a browser and an internet connection to create surveys.

After the customer fills out this lead generation tool, you then will proceed to follow up with him or her by replying back with an email or a phone call to deliver what you offer in the form.

When replying back with an email, make sure to ask and set up an appointment to have a conversation over the phone. The business will be delighted you decided to take initiative and will respect you more as an “agency” business owner.

If the lead decides to let you call them, make sure to review their answers, visit their website, take a look at their social media accounts and the type of content they are publishing, etc. 

This will prepare you more for the phone call and the business owner will take you more serious because you did your research and have a plan strategy for them.

You can post your google forms link on your social networks as well as on a QR code like a business card so whoever physically scans it, it will redirect them to your survey online.

Appointment Scheduling

Appointment scheduling is a software that schedules appointments and bookings for the users.

They help to organize meetings, appointments, and other time-sensitive events. Some people might think this is just a basic technology but it is huge and has many benefits.

This can be an alternative to survey form builders like google forms. With this lead generation tool the customer can schedule a zoom meeting with you.

A few appointment scheduling software's may send notifications whenever a new booking is made and reminder emails 24 hours and 1 hour prior to the event schedule.

This feature is gold.

There are also a few of them that allow the customer to answer mandatory questions before scheduling an appointment to further understand their business before the zoom conference. 

Usually businesses who offer services over the phone or zoom meetings use this type of method for lead generation. Again, this is one of the most intimate ways to gain the trust of a future customer you want to work with.

I recommend posting a link that redirects anyone who wants to contact you personally in your email footer. All they have to do is click the link, choose a date and time on the calendar, fill out your questionnaire and wait for the zoom meeting.


Lead generation automates the process of acquiring leads without having to do everything manually: digitally or physically. If done correctly it can help any businesses save time, money, and marketing efforts.

Leads generated by these tools come from people who have shown interest in what you're selling or endorsing in some way - whether it's through an online search or a share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc., 

which makes them more qualified and more likely to purchase your product or service than someone who has not interacted with your business before.

A business cannot survive without generating leads and this is why it is important to have these perfect tools that only take under an hour to set up and it will generate high qualified leads on autopilot.

Most of them have tutorial videos on their own site and on Youtube as well.