The Best Instagram Bio Optimization To Get More Followers

follow the step-by-step down below to increase your numbers!

Instagram is such a good place to be at because more than half of the world is on this social media platform because here is where everyone likes to engage with friends, family and even with online brands and influencers! Easy way to communicate and be updated with people we follow!

Yet.., one of the reasons we created an Instagram account is because we want to be followed more than we want to follow and this applies to online brands, Instagram influencers, marketers, entrepreneurs, local businesses and pretty much everyone in the world!

This is where optimization for Instagram comes to play to be searchable in the Instagram algorithm. The easier the words are to spell for people searching you, the higher the chances of you being found compared to complex words or some with too many symbols.

It is crucial you keep your Instagram bio “simple” to gain more visibility, build more trust with your audience but above all, to gain more followers which later can turn into dollars to monetize the Instagram account.

Here is an amazing blog on how to make money online like an Instagram Influencer even if you are not one. At the end of the day, this should be everyone’s goal to profit from Instagram!

When a new person sees the Instagram bio profile their first thought (just like everyone else and this applies to real life too), we judge the person based on what we see on their main picture profile, what they say on their bio: easy to understand, then followed by their Instagram posts.

First impressions matter the most and if you nail it, the Instagrammer will keep tabs on you by following you to see what you or your online brand are about. All you have to do next is warm them up by posting regularly, uploading Instagram Reels and going live on Instagram!

This is the secret to convert an Instagram follower who likes your content and engagement to a hot buyer! However, as much as I would love to talk about this topic, it is outside the spectrum of this blog post, but feel free to go and check out more of my blogs about this!

In this blog, I will give you a short step-by-step but impactful insights on how to optimize your Instagram bio and provide examples so you can follow along.

Instagram Bio Picture Profile

The main picture for your Instagram profile must be nice, clean close up image of yourself because people like to see faces and for some crazy reason it builds more credibility to your audience.

It's like downloading the dating app Tinder to post up your best images with your best angles when you take your head shots pictures to impress the people who you show up in their phones, inside the app.

What I recommend doing when you take a great picture of yourself is to remove the background and replace it with a gradient background to make the image pop-out to drive attention to your Instagram picture profile immediately.

The tools that I recommend which are totally free to do this are: Gimp and PfpMaker.

Overall, an Instagram bio picture profile humanizes not just your account but all social media platforms in general. People like to talk to people and not to robots, this is why it is important to have a headshot image as your picture profile.

Instagram Bio Niche Keywords

This is primarily how people are going to try to find you when you exchange Instagram handles in person. They will type in your Instagram account exactly like you pronounce it to find you, your username.

The reason I want you to plug in your niche keywords is so, right off the back people know exactly what industry you are in and it works like a low barrier to entry. The only people who would want to follow you are the ones interested in your niche.

People who love hip hop music will follow everything under that "umbrella", not architectural engineering technology. Or people who love being vegetarian will follow the triple whopper from a bigger king, that will never happen...ha!

The word niche means going 3 layers deep in a market. For example: Health>Mind Enhancement>Nootropics. Nootropics would be the niche so in this example the Instagram handle can be “NootropicsExpert” or “BrainOptimizer”.., you catch my drift!

If you have an online brand, go with your online brand name. It makes it easier for the user to find you on all the social media platforms.

The last option would be by going with your name at the beginning, the later down the road exploring other options!

Instagram Bio Discoverability

Here is where you are going to plug in your name, under name but you are also going to add in other 2-3 searchable keywords to help you be discovered by the algorithm. Make sure these other keywords relate as close as possible to your niche keywords.

On my Instagram account I have “Alejandro Rico | IG Growth Expert” with an emoji at the end. Emojis give more of a fun personality to your Instagram profile, at least this is what I think…ha!

When people read this, they know exactly what I do without having to think about it twice and this is what I mean by keeping it super simple. People who will want to learn more about what I do will follow me or maybe even hire me to grow their Instagram too!

When people are searching for accounts with the words “IG Growth Expert”, I have a high chance of being featured in this category so people can click on me and find out what it is that I do.

Instagram Follow Niche Competitors

If you are an entrepreneur, marketer or have an online brand, stop using Instagram to follow your friends and family but instead follow your competition to see what strategies they are using so you can outsmart them on your next marketing campaign!

That was a bit harsh, do follow friends and family but make sure over 90% of your followers are your main competition.

If you follow my account you know I’m all about Instagram automation so I follow Instagram accounts like ManyChat, Clepher, MobileMonkey, Chatfuel among others.

Also follow people who inspire you to learn more from them and tailor their knowledge into your niche industry!

Your mindset must be always spying on your competition to see what is working and what is not working so you are one step ahead of them. You can also subscribe to their newsletter to see how they are promoting their products, this is what I did but with another email address!

I also like to see how my competition is using Instagram to keep their audience engaged: what images are working best, what type of CTAs are they using, which videos are getting the most views and why, etc.

Instagram Bio Lines

This is located when you click “edit profile” and you will see the word “bio”. I like to break this section down by 2-3 lines with powerful statements and emojis to add more personality to my profile.

The first line should explain what you do and who you help.

Example: “I help coaches and entrepreneurs create their first or next online course.

The second line should explain how people can trust you.

Example: "Download my free PDF to help you get started and also see who I’ve helped out to create their online courses as well.

The third line should explain how you can help them.

Example: "Every Friday at 4pm tune in to my Instagram Live to answer any questions about creating online courses.

Overall, this is a killer hack to obtain more followers without having the Instagrammer to think about it twice.

Instagram Bio CTA (Call To Action)

CTAs is having your follower do something you want them to do, it could be to follow you for more tips, go to this website to get a free gift, click here to get a 20% discount, etc.

The most common CTA to have on your Instagram is “Get Started Here” with a point down emoji to click on your bio link.

Instagram Bio Link

The link should be related to your CTA.

In my personal experience, you should always lead the follower to a website to get their contact information to build your email list to keep in touch with them through their personal inbox.

What I recommend is building a multi-button page (download here) where you can deliver what you promise on your Instagram bio CTA and also have other buttons (options) so they can click on if they are interested in. Make sure the button titles are catchy to click on!

More Instagram Bio Examples

The image above is an average example of Instagram bio optimization.

He did nail a great close up picture of himself, his niche keywords and discoverability keywords are the same, I bet he follows tons of his competition to keep his marketing skills razor sharp, he did not follow my bio lines and there is no CTA but there is a link bio.

However, Perry Belcher probably spends way more time on other social media platforms than Instagram but he is someone to follow because he is an amazing copywriter, stage speaker and digital marketer over all.

This image is on the high end of the Instagram bio optimization scale.

He has a really cool catchy picture of himself, his niche keywords and discoverability words are pretty much the same, he is always following and spying his competition to stay one step ahead of them, he could improve on his bio lines and he does have a link bio but not a CTA.

I’ve been following Steve J Larsen and this guy is a super obsessive nerd when it comes to finding your “dream customer”, where is your “dream market” located, how to launch a profitable new business from scratch and a great teacher when it comes to using Youtube for lead generation!

This Instagram hits all the points when it comes to bio optimization.

All I have to say about Wave Wyld is that she is an amazing person and I’ve learned so much from her 5 day Tiktok challenge she does like once every quarter and her material is good! She may not have a big following but she knows how to turn her Instagram followers into cash!

I would rank the Instagram bio up above, on the low end of the optimization spectrum.

The profile picture is awesome as well as the niche keywords and discoverability words but not following the three lines for the bio, not having a CTA or having a link bio is a huge no, NO. It’s ok to have an email address but how about having a link that makes the user open their email to email her!

This one too, I will consider it on the low end of the Instagram bio optimization scale, there is so much room for improvement here to increase all his numbers.

However, Ezra Firestone is a master when it comes to ecommerce and he does tons of Facebook ads which is clearly why his Instagram account is just a secondary social media account to bring awareness to what he really does! Dude has made over $1M in under a month selling skin-care products!

Conclusion: Optimizing Instagram Can Also Lead To More Leads And Sales Too

Instagram is a platform to monetize your followers into dollars with the right tactics applied to your account from the most basic principles to the most advanced techniques to get the highest return of investment.

As mentioned above, the next phase after implementing these strategies would be getting involved with Instagram automation to spend more time on your business and less time on Instagram with a system installed who is collecting followers and selling 24/7 like a salesman.

Overall, with these hacks and tips you will see more attraction, more followers, more likes, more comments, more shares on your Instagram account within the next 30 days as long as you keep publishing consistently. If you implement this but don’t publish, you will not see your numbers go up.