GrooveKart Powerful App Integration Included For Free

GrooveKart is a website builder for e-commerce that allows you to add powerful features to your online store and the app integration features usually cost extra to have but not for GrooveKart, they are completely free to use to maximize your return of investment.

Outside the fact that you can have upsells, downsells and order bumps with GrooveKart, they have a section where you can activate these next marketing tools: winner coupon, spin wheel, GDPR, Zapier and a few more that I’ll be going over in a little bit.

GrooveKart is like a marketing funnel but more advance because you it allows you to show all the physical products or digital products in your main website and after the customer makes their purchase, the next page you can upsell them by showing them a product that

… is not displayed in your main page, this is known as a one time offer because they already purchase an item off of your ecommerce website. This item is usually like a compliment to the first item they bought like hair conditioner to their shampoo bottle they just purchased.

Yes, everything that I am saying is included for free with GrooveKart because this is a company that truly wants to see you succeed in your business and personal life and not just charge you a monthly fee like the rest of its competitors.

When it comes to popularity: Shopify, Etsy and even Amazon outrank GrooveKart out of the park but just like our parents taught us when we were little “not everything that shines is gold”.

I’m not bashing down on these other ecommerce sites, you can definitely make money with them but on a personal level I feel because they are very famous websites, they will charge an arm and a leg to provide you all of their app integration features.

If you are just getting started in the ecommerce world, these websites will eat up all of your gross profit and even more. On the other hand, GrooveKart because is part with GrooveCm and it provides way much more marketing tools than just having a online store

after December 2021 they will have a monthly service fee of $299/month (I believe) but you are getting the full complete package with everything included like I mentioned a few paragraphs ago and also: a blog website, email marketing automation, video hosting and more.

In this blog post, let me explain what GrooveKart is, app integration means to you and a few other details that it's important to know if you want to start an ecommerce business online.

What Is GrooveKart?

With the help of GrooveKart, it is now easier than ever to start an online store to start selling your own products online like: self publish art work, headphones, laptops, jewelry, supplements or even print on demand products such as: t-shirts, totes, mugs, stickers, shoes, socks, etc.

When you first are creating your ecommerce site, GrooveKart will guide you with 6 easy steps to setup and launch your online store. After this step, disable your online store because you will need to set up your URL domain name, store design, your email marketing, etc.

Also, GrooveKart makes it simple to upload images to your online store so your potential prospects have a visual representation of your product to make it more enticing to buy your merchandise.

Here is another one of my blog posts that goes a bit more in depth about GrooveKart, the best website builders for e-commerce.

What Exactly Is App Integration?

App integration is data sharing between one app into another. This creates a bridge between the two apps, so that they can work together, like a mobile device with bluetooth so the headphones can work or Google Sheets with email marketing to acquire the customer details.

It usually requires complex code to make this work but the developers of the product usually have the app integration built in and ready to connect with another app without the need of knowing developer code.

In case the program you want to use does not have an app integration you can always use Integrately so both programs can communicate with each other.

What App Integrations Does GrooveKart Come With For Free?

Shopify Migration Tool

Migrating from one shopping cart to another can be a time-consuming and expensive task, but with the help of Shopify Migration Tool, you can transfer your store in a matter of minutes with just a few clicks of the mouse and it will backup all your data too.

Social Proof Pop Ups

Social proof pop ups helps businesses increase conversions by leveraging people's natural tendency to follow the behaviour of others.

On a website, a pop up can be triggered when a visitor takes an action that is relevant to the business.

For example, if a visitor locates an item in their shopping cart and begins to checkout, the social proof popup will appear asking them if they want to receive notifications about new promotions. 

Basically, these pop ups are meant to encourage visitors who are about to abandon a purchase process or leave a website because they don't feel confident in their decision-making skills.

Product Reviews

Product reviews are a form of feedback given by customers on products or services they have purchased. 

They are often found on retail websites, but also in the form of ratings and comments on other websites. Reviews are used to help visitors make decisions about whether to purchase items or not.

Some stores will only offer an item for sale if it has received at least one review, while others will sell the product until it has reached a certain number of reviews (usually five) before no longer allowing shoppers to leave their own comments. 

On many e-commerce websites, reviewers may be offered incentives in exchange for leaving reviews, such as money or discounted goods within the store.

Chatra Live Chat

Chat live represents a brand new way of customer service in which customers can interact with brands via instant messaging. It has become the go-to solution for customers who are looking for real-time, convenient, and instant help.

Chat live has become an increasingly popular customer service tool for brands because it is more personal than emailing, offers faster response rates, and provides a better experience for customers.

Emailing customer service representatives can take up to 24 hours to get back to you and it's not as personal or convenient as talking to them one on one via chat live.

Facebook Messenger Chat

Facebook Messenger has all the functionalities as ‘Chatra Live Chat’. I personally power up my Messenger Marketing Automation Services With Chatmatic to generate more leads and sales without me having to be glued to my monitor screen 24/7.

Spin Wheel

Spin the Wheel is a discount code usually for ecommerce websites to offer coupons that are similar to the wheel of fortune.

The wheel is divided into four sections with each section having four coupons, so there are 24 total coupons on the wheel at any given time. 

The main purpose for this integration app is to incentivize and give a little tap on the visitor’s shoulder to help them make a purchase at a discount, this usually makes the customer feel very lucky: they are saving money in the bank and they got a sweet deal online.

Facebook Pixels

Facebook pixel is a cookie code placed when a prospect visits your website to track what websites they were on, what they click on, how long they were there for, etc.

It helps the marketer create personalized ads on Facebook based on the customer's browsing habits.

Facebook Products Feed

Facebook product feed is a new addition to Facebook's advertising platform. This new update will allow advertisers to view the impact of ads on their products. The product feed will provide insights into which ads are performing well and which are not. 

This update will also show how many people have seen the ad, what percentage of campaigns have been successful, and how much money has been spent on the campaign so far.

Facebook product feed is one way advertisers can see how their campaigns are doing before they launch them to the general public. These insights give advertisers more control over their campaigns and help them create better content for their audiences.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free tool that allows marketers and publishers to measure advertising efforts and analyze the statistics of their websites. 

The platform provides information such as the number of people who visit a site, which pages they visit, which browsers they use etc. It also shows conversion rates for certain actions on the site, such as viewing an article or making a purchase etc.

Google Analytics is a powerful free tool that lets you analyze your website's traffic and how people find out about your product or service.

It allows you to see which pages are the most popular, where your buyers come from, what marketing channels work best for you and more.

Google analytics also provides an in-depth analysis of how marketing campaigns are performing and if they were worth the time and effort it took to execute them.

It also helps in measuring marketing effectiveness by tracking conversions or sales made through various channels like ads or shopping carts.

Export Data

Export data tool is a commercial software that allows users to export and download their data from one service to another, and is very similar to the “shopify migration tool” explained above.

Does It Usually Cost Extra To Have App Integration Features?

Nowadays when you want to add an extra anything to your dinner plate, to your passion fruit smoothie or to your starbucks coffee, regardless of the business you are at, it’s always going to cost extra and the same goes with Apps Integrations.

Yet, like I mentioned earlier GrooveKart gives away all of their apps for free. There might be times you may want to use your favorite app to connect with GrooveKart and for that you can use apps like Zapier or Integrately to do the job.

It may cost you a few cents out of your pocket but if you know you can make a big return of investment this is very well worth it.

What Are The Reasons Not To Get GrooveKart?

Not In The Ecommerce World

If you hate money, I don’t recommend it because all you'll be doing is keeping track of your sales, building a buyers list and making profits inside the ecommerce industry. It's a tedious task for those who have one or two resource's of income.

Dislike An Extra Source Of Income

If you make an abundant amount of money as an entrepreneur or on your nine to five job, extra money will just make you miserable. I mean, who likes to help out others in the form of providing solutions to people’s desires or problems.

There is a saying that goes like this “money is the root of all evil”. Why would we as ENTREPRENEURS look at the “other side of the coin” and use it to our benefit to spend our extra income source on advertisement to out others who may want to start an ecommerce business to get out of “poverty” with our ecommerce online courses and membership programs.

Too Much Work To Set Up An Online Store

If you hate setting up a very easy reliable source of income that can pretty much be automated almost by itself, like 90/10.., just stay away effortless residual income that thickens your wallet every thirty days.

Conclusion: GrooveKart Offers More Value At A Better Price

GrooveKart is an online platform that helps entrepreneurs to create their own ecommerce online store in just a few days plus they offer free youtube tutorials, customer support and a facebook group to ask questions and get answers from other GrooveKart users or administrators themselves.

GrooveKart provides high converting templates such as: shoe store, electronics store, baby clothing store, watches store, etc..,

You can also customize these pre-made templates to make the online store look more exotic or more of a classy look for your future visitors and customers.

Overall, if you want to make this industry your full time career or even side hustle to generate extra income, GrooveKart makes it possible for you to reach your financial dreams such as: getting a new car, taking a vacation or even having more time with your family and friends and more...