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12 Benefits To Generate Leads And Sales

When we think about generating leads and sales, the first thing that comes to mind is doing a “how to” video, a blog article, emailing our affiliates, creating a funnel, offering a discount and so many other thoughts! This all falls under the category of “Content Marketing”.

Content marketing is not just about creating content for the sake of it. It is about creating content that solves a problem for your target audience. And the more you provide solutions for them, the more likely they are to become customers of your product or service.

Yes, we want to find new potential leads to build trust among them, show them how your product or service can impact their lives in a positive way instead of the old frustrating way, tell them how others like them took a leap of faith and have transformed their lives and more…

At the same time, we don’t want to forget our buyers who once purchased through our website, funnel or ecommerce store. We can offer them more for a lower price so they can buy in quantity or offer them a community of like minded people who help out each other resolve that particular problem they all have in common in life.

GrooveCm offers different types of ways to reach and solve many issues your industry is facing with amazing marketing tools. Usually one has to pay a monthly subscription fee to use one of the marketing tools but GrooveCm has bundled it all in one for a very cool and amazing price.

As you figure out, I am a Groove-user and completely love the platform and I use it on a daily basis, specially GrooveKart because I have my own Ecommerce store but, I’ll tell you about that story in a different blog post because today we want to focus on GrooveCm Marketing Tools!

Why Over Other SAAS Marketing Platforms?

One of the co-founders of and also, an amazing online marketer who pretty much helped build as a partner another very common website builder who is a bit known in the industry is Mike Filsaime.

Mike Filsaime is just not a marketer but he understands fairly well how to develop programs as a marketer for entrepreneurs like us. Developing programs is hard enough but once you understand the principles of marketing and integrate this skillset into program development

… “the world becomes your oyster”. What I am trying to say is, many times when we use another marketing software after several months, we come to realize that we wish the marketing software we are using had this one tool or that other tool to do this and that, to accomplish what we want to do.

This can drive the business, marketer and entrepreneur crazy… So what’s the solution, going “out there” to find another SAAS software to complement the one we already have. AKA (also known as) spending more money on other products.

Mike saw this as a huge opportunity and took advantage of this serious problem to create a very powerful system that can do email automation, create membership sites, create an ecommerce store, upload videos on websites, pages and funnels to see your analytics and much more.

After a few months when the most essential elements were put together to create “”, he opened up “beta mode” for his newly developed CRM software to business owners, marketers and entrepreneurs so people can try it out, for a small cost.

With the cash he was collecting, he was reinvesting it back on his software to compete and take over the giants of the marketing software industry like GetResponse, ClickFunnels, Sams Cart, Shopify, ClickBank, StreamYard, Wistia and many more.

Overall, is like a “business in a box” because it provides everything you’ll ever need to start your first or next business. The only thing you need is to bring your A-game to crush it and they even provide training for all of their areas within so you can master them all.

Will Ever Die And Stop Existing In The Market?

If it didn’t die when they 1st started launching beta mode and people were tossing their credit cards at them because they understood the value was giving them, do you really think it will die now, when it has over 100k users using their platform daily?

My personal answer is NO! This only means they will keep growing stronger: as of last year, they have been providing tons of free training over Youtube so people can learn how to use their platform at a baby’s level so you can start making money as quick as in 30 days.

Unlike other competitors, where they charge you to learn how to use their system… focuses on you, so you can make sales with their free training on Youtube.

They have now just come out of beta mode as of the end of February 2022 which means, they are a fully functional marketing platform (CRM) with the same capabilities as their competitors or even better!

They are shaking up the marketing market with big weapons at a very affordable price for those who love making money online and offline without having to spend more money on other marketing tools.

Aren't Leads And Sales Usually Hard To Generate Regardless Of The Marketing Software?

Yes, this is correct. Leads and sales are usually hard to generate. This is why a lot of marketing software tools exist. Marketing tools such as CRMs, email marketing tools, social media marketing and content management can be helpful for generating both leads and sales.

As we already know, the more marketing software tools one gets the more expensive the journey of becoming a full fledged entrepreneur or marketer becomes.

This is what was made for! Now you can have all of your marketing tools under one big umbrella to reach out to your current customers, convert visitors into buyers and to collect leads with an opt-in form to email them later regarding more information for the thing they opt-in for!

These guys have an amazing team showing you step by step how to use their individual programs inside of Really, like they have multiple sessions on youtube about how to start using GrooveKart to start earning your first dollar online.

David Lemon, he is a community manager and he goes live at least twice a week on Youtube usually for about +90 minutes to answer our questions we have regarding It can be anything from SEO to website design to app integration and really anything you like to ask for.

Sales and leads are hard to get but when you have a CRM that works together in unison and focuses on helping out the user to convert a visitor into a lead or better yet into a hot buyer, it makes a person want to stick with the marketing software till the end of time.

At the end of the day, it is about implementing what they teach us in order to see growth (personally and business-wise) and not just about learning and learning and learning. If you retain all the information given to you and not apply it, what good is it knowing so much stuff if you can’t get a lead or a sale?

What are the 10 benefits provides to generate more leads and sales?

The 10 benefits I like to show in continuation are what makes this marketing software tool one of the greatest of them all. Feel the power of Groove down below ^ ^

1.- GrooveFunnels

GrooveFunnels is the evolution of a website that contains a series of pages that allows the customer to only have 2 options: continue to the next page or close the page funnel to exist. In other words, funnels are a much smarter way to acquire a customer to win a lead or a sale.

Usually when a visitor, visits a normal website they can click on so many pages that takes the potential prospect from one page to another and as we all know, the purpose why we build a website is to win a sale or a lead not to have the customer walking around in our website like if it was the mall.

A SalesFunnel like GrooveFunnels is like having a salesman that takes the customer by the hand and shows them what they need or want and why as well as offering more products to complement the initial product they “came in” to buy making you more sales.

Overall if you want to generate leads and sales, a funnel will help you at least twice as much as a regular website, because it only focuses on only one product or service at a time providing benefits, how to use it, when to use it, where to use it, when not to use it, etc.

2.- GroovePages

GroovePages is very similar to GrooveFunnels and is usually used to create lead magnet pages or fast order pages with minimal details (for warm customers).

An example can be like offering a free PDF download. The GroovePage can be either a long form explaining in detail why the visitor must have the PDF or a short form with a video embedded to the page explaining why they need the PDF.

An example for a fast order page can be for a customer who is ready to buy a product or service now. No copy is needed for the page because the customer is in heat to swipe their credit card!

Just drag and drop the “sales order form” on the page, set the price and you are set!

Personally, I like using GroovePages to reproduce similar pages to linktree but with my links to redirect the interested visitor to other pages they may be interested in.

Here is a copy of my page, it will install automatically to your GroovePages: just change the links to your links and the profile picture too!

Go to your Instagram, go to profile settings and place it as your website.

Overall, GroovePages works like a secret weapon to win leads and sales at a fast pace.

Leads are for people who like to get something of value from you and sales are for people who already have built trust with you and want to get your product or services, now.

3.- GrooveMail

Groovemail is a powerful email marketing system that can do things on autopilot or manually if you wish too. Yes, it’s an email automation platform that can send out written emails when you wish to do so, just choose the dates or you can send a written email when you want too.

When it comes to email automation, this is such an awesome feature. Let’s say you like to create a welcome email series to your world for the leads who subscribed to your newsletter, blog or lead magnet. You can create 5 welcome emails and send them out one every other day.

This is a tactic used to create credibility and trust to those who may not know so much about you. By sharing a little bit about yourself, the leads will start getting invested in your life and the products or services you offer.

You can do the same strategy when it comes to affiliate marketing. Nurture the leads about why they need the product or service to impact their lives in a positive way. Of course, you can go beyond 5 email sequences if you like.

When it comes to sending emails manually, this is so much fun. If you already segmented your list which you can do by using GrooveMail, you can send a specific message to those who will resonate with your message.

An example can be, those who already made a purchase on your ecommerce site. As a thank you, you can send them an exclusive discount offer because they are your buyers. It’s always good to reward your repeat customers so they can come back and buy from you again!

Overall, they have lots of great features plus more coming but in case you are not convinced, I did make a comparison to another big email marketing platform if you like to check the blog here.

4.- GrooveAffiliate

GrooveAffiliate is a section where you have all your unique links (created just for you) to promote the platform “”. As you know, if you earn 40% every month per every user you refer with your affiliate link as long as they are paying their monthly membership fee.

A very effective method I've been using as well as many other Groove members is plugging in our link every time we send out an email to our list. Of course, lead with value first so your list can be encouraged to click on the link.

Another way will be creating a blog website with GrooveBlog. Choose an industry you are really passionate about and start writing articles one after another. Once done writing them, follow a blog structure like mine or other bloggers to start generating income through blogging.

Again, I am in the digital marketing industry and I write for people who want to learn more about this subject to increase their knowledge and/or make their first few thousand dollars online.

One more tactic I like to share with you (because I want you to start making money now) is by going live on facebook or instagram. Let your audience know about the product you are selling but lead with value first.

Show them how your product or service can impact their daily lives, what are the pros, what are the cons, when to use it, when not to use it, etc. Also, go live not just to sell but to connect with your audience too. Crazy enough, the more you do this… The more willingly people are willing to buy from you.

Technically, you can use any of these formulas to promote any product or service. Now, if you decide to promote GrooveAffiliate, you can make a minimum of $40 per customer every month until they decide to unsubscribe but that will be hard to happen because will do all they can to not let them go.

Overall, GrooveAffiliate is way much bigger than what I just explained because it offers so much more tools and I’m just scratching the surface. As a matter of fact, there is a free training called “Affiliate Action Challenge” where David Lemon goes through about 95% of its features!

On top of this, GrooveAffiliate is also a marketplace where you can upload one of your courses or memberships and attract new affiliates to this platform daily, making it easier than ever for you to recruit and manage new affiliates.

Yup, this gives you the control and the opportunity to scale up your business unlike you’ve never seen before, so buckle up and get ready to start seeing massive spikes of sales and customers coming in and out your website to buy, add to cart and to create accounts to favorite products.

[You can sign up as an affiliate partner here]

5.- GrooveMember

If you are thinking about creating your own course or have a course and don’t know which membership program to host it on, I recommend GrooveMember because it's secure, reliable and best of all

… it creates customer loyalty and the more you engage in your membership site, the stronger the community will get. You can also set up an exclusive Facebook group to those who have access to your membership so people can team up and push each other to finish your course.

You can set up different tiers within GrooveMember.

Let’s say you do a free mini-course and people access it. Once they access it, they can see what other courses you have for X amount so if they want to upgrade, they can just click on it and fill out the empty spaces to have access to the other course you have.

Overall, if you are a content creator and have some really good stuff you believe it should have its own private place and not on Youtube. GrooveMember is the right choice for you.

6.- GrooveVideo

If you want to host your videos on a private platform, GrooveVideo is the best place to go. GrooveVideo provides you analytics such as: how long did your customer view your video, where did they drop off (to optimize your video), did they click on the link, etc.

The possibilities are endless with GrooveVideo and I actually made a blog about this named “Best Video Hosting Platform For Content Creators”.

Overall, GrooveVideo is the spot to keep your valuable videos stored to share to the public with the ease of mind, knowing hackers can’t download your stuff to pirate it.

7.- GrooveKart

I’ve written tons of blog posts regarding GrooveKart and its powerful uses inside the ecommerce industry. GrooveKart may not be as big a threat to the top dogs controlling the market in today's day but everyday they are equipping GrooveKart with amazing features and the developers are always improving something small to make a huge impact to the world.

That said, because you are reading this article… I think this blog regarding GrooveKart will benefit you the most: GrooveKart: What Is Print On Demand. Yes, I want you to start making money now and not within a year from now!

If you already have a GrooveKart store then you must read this article because not many “Groovesters” know about this feature that came out just a few weeks ago: Affiliate Marketing For GrooveKart Stores

Overall, I use GrooveKart on a frequent basis throughout the day because I have my own online GrooveKart store set up and I have to know what is being sold, who are becoming leads and all that fun stuff to scale my business to the next level.

8.- GrooveBlog

I think GrooveBlog is awesome when it comes to organic traffic because you write a post (like this one) click publish and it's online for anyone who wants to find it. Of course, you have to do a little bit of SEO and a very cool tool I recommend is using ubersuggest.

If you are an affiliate marketer, adding GrooveBlog to your arsenal would be a fantastic way to earn a commission. Sign up for an affiliate program (like GrooveCm) and when people pay to get the product or service, because you referred them… You get paid!

However, if you don't know how to outline or craft a blog to make it the "perfect blog", go to my recent GrooveBlog here to share with you my secrets to getting people to click on your affiliate links, so you can get paid too!

GrooveBlog can also be utilized to blog about your daily life like a journal entry, but you are sharing your journey to everyone online but specifically those who are going through a similar lifestyle or adventure as you are!

Overall, the possibilities with GrooveBlog are massive! It brings awareness to your clients to know what your brand is about all the way to sharing personal goals or fears with those who you trust online. I use GrooveBlog all the time as you can see!

9.- GrooveSurvey

As of right now, there hasn’t been much information when it comes to GrooveSurvey, the only thing we know as a user is that it will be a quiz website leading the potential lead down a funnel.

This section will be updated later this year when unleashes GrooveSurvey to its users.

10.- GrooveCalendar

Same as GrooveSurvey, not much information has been given so this section will also be updated when unleashes its second beast at the end of this year.

11.- GrooveProof

GrooveProof is a widget tool that sits on your bottom left corner of your funnel or website. When activated your visitors can see who purchased a product on your website or funnel to encourage new potential leads to buy as well.

It’s a pretty powerful persuasive tool that delivers a sense of security on your website or funnel by seeing others like them making purchases on your website, like a social proof pop up.

Crazy enough, the income built with their ecommerce platform (GrooveKart) made this possible!

12.- GrooveWebinar

There are many entrepreneurs and marketers in the industry but not all of them like to show their face on a webinar, but those who do and understand the potential of selling high ticket services and products through this method… GrooveWebinar blows things out of proportion!

Automate your perfect webinar and free up your time. Your automated webinar can be made to look live with powerful engagement enhancers, or choose to have live webinar moderation with a perfect pre-recorded presentation”.

Conclusion: Generating Leads And Sales With, Has Changed The Marketing Industry

Many CRM claim to be operational, collaborative and analytical but none of them claim to be all in one, making a powerful marketing software tool.

Now you can also get all 3 CRMs and learn 3 different software systems and pay 3X more for everything or you can have everything under one umbrella at one price, plus all the cool perks I mention up above to generate leads and sales like a personal robot assistance working for you 24/7.

Once you start using this marketing tool, you will start to see your most important KPI (key performance indicator) numbers rise up within the next 45 days compared to your last 45 days like your leads and sales!