5 Creative Ways To Build Your Email List With GrooveCm

Building an email list is very important because it is the best way to get to know potential customers on a more personal level. You're not just a one-time status update; you're right there in someone's inbox, where they get important messages from work, family, and friends.

Emails sit in someone's inbox until they're read. If you write really helpful emails, people may refer to them more than once because they're easy to find.

GrooveCm makes this process easy to digest. It has a native integration system named “GrooveMail”, which makes it very simple and easy to capture leads and add them to your email list.

People use email differently than they use other signup forms of media, and at this point, it still leads to more sales than other forms of media. The more people you have on your mailing list, the more potential customers will see your marketing messages. Every time I send an email, I see a spike in sales.

Also, when you build an email list, it's "yours," meaning you don't have to worry about a third party changing the rules on you. Facebook, on the other hand, can decide to limit your ability to reach your fans in order to get businesses to pay for ads, but you don't have to worry about this when someone has given you permission to send them useful emails.

The most valuable asset anyone can have is an email list because, as stated before, if the social media channels decide to suspend or delete your accounts, you have no way of getting in touch with your followers and subscribers.

With an email list, you can always stay in touch with your subscribers and followers who have decided to give you their contact information.

You can imagine the possibilities you have to offer promotions to increase the size of your wallet or provide a valuable weekly newsletter to keep your leads updated with the latest technology or trends or whatever you decide to keep them informed about.

Overall, in this blog we are going to break down five creative ways to build your email list with GrooveCm to start building your own audience!

What Is An Email List?

An email list is just a list of emails that a business has collected from visitors and customers who want to get information, updates, discounts, and other information about the business in a digital format that is sent to their email inbox.

Email lists are important because, compared to social media, email marketing is the best way to stay in touch with customers. In fact, emails are 6 times more likely than tweets to get a higher click-through rate. Also, email is 40 times better than Facebook or Twitter at getting you new customers.

Email list building strategies are the ways we try to get prospects to sign up for our lead form or subscribe to them. This is done by showing the prospect value that is meant to teach or entertain them.

How To Build An Email List With GrooveCm?

As you may already figure out, all these methods require a funnel or a website in order to acquire the visitor’s information, and if you did not know, well, now you know!

In most cases, you will have to embed the signup form, which allows you to capture your prospects' "name," “email address” (and any other fields you wish to get, with their consent) into your website. This may sound complicated, but again, GrooveCm makes this process easy!

GrooveCm has a Youtube channel dedicated to everyone who wants to learn how to use their platform for free. Most CRM (client relationship management) marketing software charges a leg and an arm to learn how to use their system, but not GrooveCm.

Below, I’ll explain the five creative ways to build your email list. This will help you make more sales later down the road like you’ve never imagined before!

Exist Pop-Up

Pop-ups that appear when a visitor tries to leave your site are called "exit intent pop-ups."

When a visitor moves their mouse outside the borders of your website on their screen, a pop-up window appears with a more valuable offer than anything else on the page. This could be a subscription form, a coupon code, or a demo of your product.

Pop-ups aren't always just a gimmick, and if you use them right, they can give your visitors good information when they need it.

For example, if a customer visits your website, looks at your products, and then decides to leave, an exit intent popup can ask them why they didn't buy anything. Then, the exit popup can offer a discount or other incentive to get the customer to finish the purchase.

Here are a few examples of a exit intent popup: “Checklist Sheet To Start A Podcast”, or “Free Ebook”, or “Look Over My Shoulders As I Create My Free Ebook To You”, “My 30 Day Content Marketing Free Download” etc (you get the point).

This is how you can use the exit-intent pop-ups to start generating your email list or even to grow your email list.

Offer Lead Magnet

When it comes to offering lead magnets, there are so many you can create, but the most important element is to truly provide fast and quick actionable steps the lead can take so the lead magnet can be useful to use for them.

If someone offered you a lead magnet to download in exchange for your email address and you found it, not useful or valuable, how would you feel? They just "clickbaited" you to get your contact information, and we all know, that is not cool!

Now let’s talk about a few lead generation methods using lead magnets you can craft.

The easiest lead magnet to create, as I mentioned in the bulletin above, is to create a checklist. This is like a simple guide to have everything one needs in order to start creating “magic”. This could be a “SEO Checklist”, “Product Launch Checklist”, “Influencer Hiring Checklist”, “Free Download” etc.

Another lead magnet can be an exclusive stage presentation recorded on video. The right audience will go crazy for information presented like this because they do not have to read it but see it visually and hear it with audio. Visual content has been the way ever since CO-VID hit in the US.

Lastly, if you have an e-commerce website, create a “VIP list” for new product promotions before you release them to your online store. This way, your true fans can get the merchandise to show it off on the internet before others can get their hands on it. This is my favorite e-commerce tactic!

You can also offer free shipping to those who only sign up to your VIP list to get even more leads signing up. There are so many ways to approach e-commerce, but it’s all about being creative about how to get potential customers to opt-in to your forms. Free ebooks are another idea!

Lead magnets are an easy and fun way to get your dream customer to exchange their email address for your free stuff.

Fun Quizzes

Quizzes are a good way to get people interested in your online business or brick and mortar business.

There are different kinds of quizzes, and one is the personalization quiz, which puts people into groups based on how they answer. For example, if your business is all about selling products, a personalization quiz will help you learn more about what your customers want and use that information to grow.

Using the product discovery quiz, you can also help your customers buy the right product. The user is supposed to pick what they want, and the final recommendation will be a mix of all the options they picked.

For example: "Which of the entrepreneurial success types best describes you?"

The other kind of quiz is a consultation quiz, which looks at the user's situation and gives simple solutions. They give you access to automated consultations that you can use whenever and wherever you want. This makes it easy to sell customized products.

Consultation quizzes can be useful in many fields, especially when a product or service needs a lot of information to be valuable in the customer's eyes.

Lastly, you can choose the knowledge test, which tests how much you know about a certain subject. You could find out how much your target audience knows about your brand and its products by asking them.

This type of quiz is very engaging because the visitor wants to know the end result, and what better way to give them the answer than by getting their contact information through email.

If your audience gives you more information, you can better divide your audience into groups and make your content fit their needs.

The technology is still not here yet when it comes to GrooveCm, but this should be ready by the beginning of 2023, so, stay tuned!

Cross Promoting Products

When I think about cross-promoting products, I think about doing a partnership collaboration with a marketer or a business owner, entrepreneur.

This could be looked at as affiliate marketing because you are helping to sell a product that is not yours in return for a payout, commission check. This could either be a CPA (cost per acquisition) or a percentage payout of the original price of the product.

The best way to get people opting in to your list would be by doing a podcast with the owner of the product or service you want to promote. You guys can also go live on social media platforms for X amount of time to promote why they need X thing to change the viewers' lives!

I’d recommend adding bonus content of your own to compliment the main product or service you are promoting. This raises the value of the product even higher because your bonus content will be given away for free, and the only way the viewers can get your bonuses is by getting the product or service through your affiliate link.

However, if you are the one owning the product and you wish to build an email list, I recommend you read “Traffic Secrets” because this will explain even further how to attract your “dream 100” to grow your business and email list as well!

Overall, this is how you cross-promote products so both parties can win!

Website Embedded Forms

This secret I have not yet implemented because I recently found out about this through the founder of GrooveCm on one of his Grooveathon, Mike Filsaime!

This is a two-step process, but it is still simple to execute. It does require a partnership with one of your dream 100.

You will create a banner ad and place it on the thank you page of your dream 100 product funnel. Why? Let me explain.

Once the customer is done making the purchase on your dream 100s website or funnel and they arrive at the thank you page, down below they will see an “unadvertised exclusive offer” (this is how you will name it) and if they click on it, they will be redirected to the lead magnet you want them to get.

People who usually make purchases are high quality leads, and this is what we are all aiming for because we are entrepreneurs and marketers!

Conclusion: GrooveCm Will Help You Build A List With The Assistance Of GrooveMail

GrooveCm is such a powerful CRM software that allows you to build websites, funnels, memberships, send emails, and so much more for an affordable price. You can get started here for free.

This will allow you to start building your email list without having to make a payment until you start getting potential customers on your list. Experiment with these five creative ways to generate leads, and when one of these ideas starts working, it usually means you're on the right path to success.

GrooveMail allows you to create signup forms within a few clicks and embed your opt-in form on any website you wish. Once the customer opts-in, you’ll be receiving their information in the backend of GrooveCm, which would be located in GrooveMail under "subscribers."

Speaking personally, this is how I have been growing my email list ever since I got GrooveCm in mid 2020, and it has been working like a charm. The start may not be easy, but once you nail it, the leads will start coming in almost every day in either small quantities or large ones too!

Overall, if you are looking to grow your business, I’d highly recommend starting by building your email list or growing it even more, because new leads are the lifeline of every single online or offline business. Without them, we wouldn’t have a business!